Samsung Galaxy F14 5G Review – Is it Worth $200?

If you buy a smartphone below $180 then keep one thing in mind that either they expire due to software updates, which are not for long run or due to performance, and if the software and performance inside a budget phone is good. So that one more confidence package is a budget phone.

And here similarly we have Samsung Galaxy F14 5G smartphone, we have green color and the color is called boat green. And inside the box, we find a data cable but we do not get charging here and phone itself.

Design and Build

Samsung Galaxy F14 5G design and build

The design of the Galaxy F14 has polycarbonate build, and on the right side we have both volume rockers and the power button integrated with fingerprint scanner phone, which is quite nice. On the bottom we have a headphone jack so if you are doing gaming you can connect you wired headphones to play without any latency lag. It also have USB Type C charging port and mono speakers which sounds quite nice. It has a layout of 3 SIM trays in which you can insert two SIMs and an expandable SD card. The Galaxy F4 has a support for 13 5G bands.

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Display Quality

Samsung Galaxy F14 Display picture quality and hdr

On the fronts we have dew notch and noticeable bezels, Galaxy F14 5g comes with 6.6-inch display which ais big, and support 98hz refresh rate, so opening apps and closing and in-general animation really feels smooth. Galaxy F14 has a PLS LCD panel which can retain color even from the corner, and when I was checking it myself, yes, the color is being retained when viewed from the corner.

Galaxy F14 5G does not support HDR which most of the phones in this segment do not but according to me the colors are quite good and with sharpness. This is a full HD display and one thing I noticed is that you get outdoor visibility which would be fine if it was a little better, but at the same time you get the protection of Gorilla Glass 5 on Galaxy F14.

Battery Performance

Talking about battery, Samsung has done a great job in the battery department because if you look at any phone under $200, no phone comes with a 5000mAh battery. But Galaxy has a 6000mAh battery which I can say will give good battery backup anytime, infact Samsung gives 25W charger to all its phones, and in budget phones we used to get 15W charging, and Galaxy F14 comes with 25w charging speed. Comes with. So if you look at charging speed and battery capacity, I found the F14 to be a quite impressive budget phone.

Software and Updates

Software experience is a very important thing in a budget phone, and if we talk about Galaxy F14, we get Android 13 in it. It has OneUI core version and is liter version. According to me, the software in Galaxy F14 has been optimized properly, if you open any app and swipe left or right, it gives a good experience. In this, Samsung promises 4 years of security patch updates along with 2 years of major software updates. Galaxy F14 has Knox feature which is a secure folder along with other security features, where you can hide apps, your photos, videos and important documents.


Samsung Galaxy F14 5G Exynos 1330 processor Antutu vs 4 gen 1 performance score

In Samsung Galaxy F14, we get Samsung Exynos 1330 5mm processor chip which is considered efficient for many things, along with UFS 2.2 storage and LPDDR4X RAM. We shared the Antutu score of Exynos 1330 and 4 Gen 1 in the image above, in which you can see that Exynos 1330 has a score of 406847 which is much higher than the competition, in fact if you look at the Geekbench score, it also gives a very respectable core performance.

As about gaming performance, I played Call of Duty Mobile in Galaxy F14 and was able to do gaming easily on medium settings at 60 fps, and in PUBG New State Cave, we got the setting of 90FPS, but when I played the game, it was around 50 fps. Got 60 fps. So if we talk about performance, Galaxy F14 really gives the performance as it is a budget phone.


And now if we talk about the camera, the Galaxy F14 has a back setup of 50MP + 2MP and the front selfie camera is of 13MP pixel, it does not have an ultra wide lens. All the photos I have taken with this phone, the colors and processing actually seemed very strong for a budget phone, as an example you can see the photo of this dog, which budget phones generally do not process so well sharpness.

Selfie photos are also very good, sharpness and skin tones are processed properly. We also checked the nausea skin tone. We also checked the Portrait mode, which does good camera processing with background blur and supports video 1080p 30 fps. You also get stabilization in it. We also get aggressive stabilization in the back camera and good performance with video recording colors. Talking about overall setup, the camera setup of Samsung Galaxy F14 is strong despite being a budget phone.

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