Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Fe Review

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Fe a compelling tablet currently on sale for $399, down from its retail price of $450. Positioned as an affordable, feature-packed tablet, it outshines Samsung’s budget Tab A series in several aspects. It offers Samsung DeX, a 90Hz 1440p IPS LCD display, and includes the S Pen a $100 add-on. It has the Exynos 1380 processor with a 7-hour screen time battery life and 45W super-fast charging.

Design and Build

Design and Build Quality

So first what’s in the box? In the box we have the Galaxy Tab S9 Fe itself a S Pen, which is a significant addition compared to the Galaxy Tab A8. Additionally we get a USB Type-A to Type-C charging cable, a SIM injection tool and warranty or user manual documents.

If you’re familiar with Samsung tablets the Galaxy Tab S9 fe have a sturdy and solid feel, the sides and back features an aluminum finish. On the right side, we have a physical fingerprint sensor for unlocking the tablet, and Next to that the volume rockers and two microphones.

On the bottom it has two speakers, a Type-C port capable of 45W super-fast charging and connectors for Samsung’s official accessories. On the top left and top right you’ll find the speakers, another microphone, and a microSD card slot allowing you to add up to 1 terabyte of additional storage.

It weight around 513 grams, and it will be slightly less if you take the S Pen off, comparatively the original Galaxy Tab S9 weighs 526 grams making the Galaxy Tab S9 Fe slightly lighter.

It has a thickness of 6.5 mm on the top a slightly more slim and premium feel, a solid aluminum feel on the back featuring a single-lens camera setup, and a front-facing landscape-oriented camera for video calls and conferences.


Display refresh rate

The Samsung’s Tab S9 Fe has 90Hz, 1440p IPS LCD display, a noticeable step up from the 60Hz found on more affordable tablets. The increased 90Hz refresh rate enhances the overall smoothness of navigating the tablet, particularly evident when playing games. While it doesn’t match the crispness of the original Galaxy Tab S9 120Hz display, the 90Hz is a significant improvement.

Regarding screen size it has a 10.9-inch display, slightly smaller than the 11-inch screen on the Original Tab S9. However the difference is not highly noticeable in person. The smaller size is advantageous for handheld use, providing a bit of bezel to rest fingers on and prevent accidental screen touches.

One notable downside from this flagship tablet is the absence of an AMOLED display, a resolution of 2560 x 1600, offering a crisper image.

Performance and Gaming

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Fe Exynos 1380 Processor Performance and Gaming

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Fe boasts Exynos 1380 processor, the same process found in the Galaxy A54 (review). This is a mid-range processor and you’ll notice a difference in speed when opening multitasking apps.

While it opens things up a split second faster then Galaxy A54 and the processor handle everyday tasks well. It might take a bit longer to load or require a slight resolution adjustment for games, but for regular use, it remains a reliable and capable device, making it a good choice as a tablet.

As far the gaming on the it’s well-suited for handheld use, I’ve played Stardew Valley on this tablet extensively and it’s comfortable to hold, the performance is good enough, running smoothly at 60Hz.

Games like Old School RuneScape benefit from the 90Hz refresh rate, and overall the smoother screen enhances the gaming experience for everyday gaming, it performs perfectly fine.

Samsung DeX Support

Samsung DeX on Galaxy Tab S9 Fe

What’s even better on the Galaxy Tab S9 Fe is that it supports Samsung DeX, Samsung’s desktop experience, It’s great to see DeX feature on a device at price $399. While it may take a little extra time for windows to resize and multitask having Samsung DeX on a more affordable tablet is a positive surprise.

Samsung usually reserves Dex feature for higher-end devices and it was last seen on the more expensive Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Despite the smaller size the DeX experience is still good for handheld use. You don’t necessarily need to prop it up like a laptop, it works well in conventional tablet mode too.

Opening applications is quick especially with stock apps, and the tablet supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. The 10.9-inch display with 720 nits of brightness, is large enough for enjoyable handheld use, providing sufficient brightness for everyday tasks.

S Pen


Regarding the S-Pen on the back is not a Bluetooth Pen like the one on the flagship Original Galaxy Tab S9, the S-Pen works directly with the display, lacking Bluetooth gestures.

However you still get the excellent Samsung S-Pen experience, response time is perfectly fine, possibly benefiting from the 90Hz refresh rate. The pen tip feels soft on the display ensuring a comfortable writing experience. The side button allows for features like holding down to erase, and if you’re familiar with other Samsung devices, you can create shapes effortlessly.

Compared to larger Samsung tablets, it feels great in hand and can be comfortably used with one hand or laid flat on a table without wobbling, thanks to the absence of a bulky camera module. You can draw, write, and navigate with stability.

The S Pen also has a strong connection when attached to the side, offering a more secure connection than previous generations, reducing the likelihood of it easily falling off.

Multitasking and Speakers


As far Ui and software, the apps bars conveniently located at the bottom makes it easy to switch between various applications quickly. The tablet offers a range of multitasking features, allowing you to pop out screens, adjust sizes, and efficiently manage multiple tasks.

Despite the Exynos 1380 processor which is suitable for average day-to-day use, resizing windows may require a brief moment, but it’s generally acceptable for everyday tasks. While it may not match the speed of an $800 version, the Galaxy Tab S9 Fe tablet provides versatility, enabling you to have multiple open windows and switch between them with minimal waiting time.

You can even save presets for quick access without the need to open applications individually or drag them around tablet, despite not having the latest and greatest processor, performs well in everyday use.

And the speakers similar to other Samsung tablets, they are impressively loud, delivers robust audio output, maintaining the brand’s reputation for powerful speakers.

Battery Life

About the battery life because none of this matters without good battery performance. How’s the battery been on the Galaxy Tab S9 Fe for me?

The battery life is decent I’d say I’m getting around 7 hours of screen time, which is similar to what I get on my budget Galaxy Tab A8. After a full day of my regular use, including a few hours of YouTube, an hour of light gaming, 37 minutes of using Google Chrome, and writing preparing for this article in Samsung Notes, shopping on Amazon, checking emails, playing with the camera, and testing the tablet.

Considering the tablet’s features and the fact that it has a mid-range processor, I’m satisfied with the 7 hours of screen time. Don’t expect exceptional battery life, but get you through the day, which is crucial.

What’s especially exciting at this price point is the 45W super-fast charging 2.0. Historically, smaller, more affordable Samsung tablets tend to have slower charging speeds, sometimes taking 2.5 to 3 hours or even longer. In a charging test, Galaxy Tab S9 Fe charged up very quickly, reaching a full charge in about an hour and a half.

Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Fe Camera

Examining the cameras briefly, the back features a single lens setup, suitable for casual indoor photography, and it can record in 1080p 30fps. As for the front-facing camera it records in 4K 30fps resolution. It’s reassuring that the more affordable tablet doesn’t compromise on video quality. The front camera includes a great wide-angle lens, providing a satisfying experience.

Case and keyboard Accessories

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Fe Accessories

As I mentioned earlier the tablet has official Samsung connector pins at the bottom, which means the accessories like the official keyboard cover designed for the original galaxy Tab S9 you can be used with the Tab S9 Fe.

What’s noteworthy is that back plate cover options also fit well on these tablets, The back plate magnetically attaches to the and tablet features a slot for the S-Pen, you can detach a portion to access the S Pen more openly, providing added flexibility.

When not using the keyboard you can easily detach and use the back plate as a stand, which is secure and perfect for various tasks, including video conference calls and writing. Despite its secure fit, the back plate allows for easy adjustments without the worry of the tablet falling over.

It provides a solid base for writing and sketching, maintaining its position, However it’s important to note that the keyboard case comes with a $200 price tag, which is 2/3 of the tablet’s cost.

While it’s a significant expense, it offers enhanced functionality with a great trackpad, a smooth 90Hz refresh rate, and the ability to use the keyboard in some games, making it a valuable accessory despite the cost.

Final Thought

Now the last question is, Is it worth to buy? and what i think about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Fe?

So after using the Galaxy Tab S9 Fe for about a month and considering all the factors discussed in this review, I’m highly impressed with its features, especially considering the price $449. It offers Samsung DeX, a higher 90Hz refresh rate screen, and includes the S-Pen, historically an additional $100 charge on other devices. Compared to the Samsung A-Series tablets, it comes with a higher-end chipset, a design resembling the Galaxy Tab S9, and overall improved performance.

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