Sonos Move 2 Portable Speaker Review

The Sonos Move 2 portable Bluetooth speaker replaces the first model, and basts a buger of upgrades including stereo sound smarts fresh touch controls and double the original move speakers battery life.

Design and Build


So inside the box, first we get a Sonos Move 2 speaker, a charging dock and also a three pin adapter, and I love how those match your chosen speaker color. And last you’ve got a quick start guide just help you get all set up.

Design and Build
Image: Tech Spurt

The Sonos Move 2 is a large portable speaker designed for spacious areas, not ideal for small rooms like my studio, It’s suitable for outdoor use. Despite its size surprisingly manageable, While not lightweight, it’s reasonably easy to move around. Though you could attempt to fit it in a backpack, and better suited for occasional garden use or camping trips.

The Sonos Move 2 comes in three colors black, white, and Olive, and the Olive color blends well with green decor and plants. It’s made from sustainably sourced materials features a hard plastic shell on top, a mesh body, and a soft-touch base. With an IP56 water-resistant rating, it can handle damp conditions and is drop-resistant, although I haven’t tested that aspect. And also capable of withstanding temperatures from -1°C to 55°C.

The design is clean and straightforward, with a small Sonos brand logo above a tiny power LED on the front, indicating whether it’s switched on and connected.

Controls and Ports

At the top, you’ll find basic touch controls for pause, play, skip, and volume adjustment, which I absolutely adore. Additionally there are built-in far-field microphones that seamlessly support Sonos voice control and Amazon’s assistant.

Moving to the back of the within the groove, you’ll locate the power button, Bluetooth connect button, and mic mute button. Unfortunately, there are no other ports, but you can use a line-in adapter to connect an audio source to the USB-C port located below.

Setup and Connectivity

As expected from a Sonos speaker, you can connect the Sonos Move 2 to Wi-Fi to stream music or radio stations directly from the internet using the Sonos app. The setup, once you’ve downloaded the app, is relatively straightforward, it was smooth sailing afterward only took a few minutes, and then it was connected.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of streaming music over Wi-Fi, as the functionality is quite basic compared to the diesel app. Hence, I prefer connecting my smartphone to the Sonos Move 2 via Bluetooth and then streaming music directly through the diesel app, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Podcasts, or whichever app I’m using at the time. It’s convenient because I can move around freely in the garden or elsewhere without relying on Wi-Fi.

In terms of connectivity, I had no trouble streaming over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and If you have a pair of Sonos speakers connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can stream to them simultaneously. As expected, it can sync up with the rest of your Sonos setup over your Wi-Fi network.

Audio Quality

The Sonos Move 2 size while not particularly compact, brings the advantage of producing robust and exceptionally loud sound. Sonos has integrated dual tweeters for a spacious stereo effect, offering extra clarity when used indoors. Although the immersive effect diminishes outdoors, the soundstage remains impressively dynamic for a portable speaker.

It enhances the audio experience with its Trueplay feature, dynamically adjusting sound based on the environment using built-in microphones. Subtle adjustments are noticeable when moving the around it, especially transitioning from confined spaces to open areas.

The sound quality is impressive when streaming over Bluetooth, but it’s worth noting the absence of aptX HD or LDAC support. To fully exploit the audio capabilities Wi-Fi streaming through the Sonos app or a line-in adapter is recommended.

Bass enthusiasts will appreciate the speaker’s output, capable of vibrating an entire studio at top volume without overpowering the clarity across the entire range, even with bass-heavy genres like hip-hop or rave tunes.

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Battery Life

in App battery saver option
Image: Tech Spurt

The Sonos Move 2 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours on a full charge, double that of its predecessor. In my experience, I’ve come very close to the advertised 24 hours with a mix of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming.

However, it’s worth noting that the standby drain isn’t ideal, ticking down around 1% per hour when left idle. To address this, it’s advisable to activate the idle auto-disconnect and battery-saving features, automatically turning off the speaker when not in use.

A convenient feature is its built-in battery which can be used to charge your phone, smartwatch, or other devices. By Simply plug them into the USB-C port for reverse charging, making it particularly useful when camping or in remote locations.

When it needs a recharge, place it on the bundled dock featuring a separate orange LED indicator to show the charging status. Recharging does take a considerable amount of time, so it’s advisable to dock the speaker many hours before you plan to use it again.

Is it Worth it?

If you’re part of the Sonos ecosystem, Sonos Move 2 portable speaker addition is sleek, robust, and integrates seamlessly with your speaker collection. It’s more substantial than a Five Guys meal and performs admirably.

However, if you’re not deeply committed to Sonos and you’re mindful of your budget, you might want to explore other options. There are more cost-effective alternatives out there and you won’t fully benefit from the it’s features unless you’re heavily invested in the Sonos ecosystem.

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