The 10 Best Tips to Maximize Your iPhone Battery Life!

iPhone’s battery life is one of the most important things and optimizing it way harder, So to help you optimize your iPhone’s battery. Here I shared my 10 amazing iPhone battery optimization tips you absolutely need to know.

1. Optimized Battery Charging

Okay, so the first one is pretty easy: head over to settings, and in settings, you go to a battery, then you go to battery health and charging, and inside, make sure to toggle on optimized battery charging.

2. Turn on the Dark Mode.

Second, and this is really important for when you have an iPhone with an OLED display, go to display and brightness, and in here, make sure to toggle on dark mode. Dark Mode helps you turn off all the pixels that are in black, thus saving more battery life.

3. turn off Keyboard Haptic and Sound

Number three again, head over to settings, and this one is actually specifically for when you have iOS 16 installed. Go to Sounds and Hptics, then go to Keyboard Feedback, and make sure to turn off haptic. This is actually consuming a lot of your battery.

4. Stop force-closing

four, and this is more of a habit that you need to stop if you’re doing this, and that is stopping to force close any apps. This actually doesn’t help you save any battery; it’s the opposite; it consumes more battery when you want to reopen any ad.

5. Turn on Automatic Lock

This is for when you forget actually to turn off your iPhone or gun-initiated automatic lock. Go to settings, scroll down, and go to display and brightness. In here go to the auto lock and make sure to turn it on for 1 minute or 30 seconds, depending on your preference. That way, your iPhone will lock itself so that you don’t consume any unnecessary battery.

6. Battery Level Shortcut

Six is a special one. We’re going to use the shortcuts app, so go to shortcuts and we’re going to create an automation. Click the plus icon in the top right corner and press Create personal automation. Scroll down and go to battery level in your, let’s say, 50 That’s good, and what we’re going to do is we’re going to initiate low power mode when your iPhone reaches 50, so we need to add action, type hello, select set low power mode, and now hit next to go off, ask before running, and click done. Now every time your iPhone goes below 50, low power mode is automatically initiated.

7. Reduce White Point

Number seven, Go to settings accessibility, display and text size, and then we scroll down and go to reduce white point. Toggle reduce white point on, and here you can select a percentage. The higher white point percentage, the lower your white point will be and the less battery will be consumed.

8. Toggle off Analytics

Number eight, Go to settings, In settings scroll down and go to privacy and security. Here scroll down and go to analytics and improvements, and the toggle all these off. These are all consuming batteries because you’re continuously sending data to Apple or other third-party apps and developers, so yeah, let’s turn it all off.

9. Turn off localization.

Number nine, Go to settings, then scroll down to privacy and security. In here go to location services, and now in this list, select the app from which you don’t want to be able to localize. You just don’t go on; you can never do this for multiple apps, and this will also help you save battery life.

10. Toggle on Auto-Brightness

Now number 10, Go to settings, and go to accessibility, open display and text size, scroll all the way down, and make sure to toggle on auto brightness.

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