14 Best Windows Laptops for 2024 (Review)

It’s time to select the laptops for 2024, and here we have extensively covered various laptops. From business to professional and consumer, 2-in-1 to convertible, gaming, creator, and more Windows laptops, I’ve delved into a wide range of options.

1. Asus ZenBook 14x OLED

Asus Zenbook 14x OLED Laptop

The Asus ZenBook 14x OLED stands out as the best general-purpose laptop. It has a 14.5-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2880 by 1800, a 16:10 aspect ratio, a rapid 0.2-millisecond response time, and a 120Hz refresh rate. The Asus ZenBook 14x OLED display reaches a peak brightness of 550 nits during High Dynamic Range content playback, making it truly stand out.

It’s got a sleek design, solid build quality with a military A10 rating for durability, and a lightweight and thin profile. For those seeking a thin, light, and feature-rich device with a stunning display, the Asus ZenBook 14x OLED is the top choice at a price of $699.

2. HP Pavilion Plus 14

Design and Build Quality

For those who want the best laptop under budget, the HP Pavilion Plus 14 is an excellent option. It has a 14-inch 2.8k OLED display, delivering remarkable value for its price. It’s not often that you find such a combination of quality and affordability. With its overall appealing design, HP has successfully struck a balance between budget considerations and essential features. The HP Pavilion Plus 14 stands out as one of the best-value laptops for budget audience needs without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

3. Dell XPS 13 Plus 2023

DELL XPS 13 Plus Laptop, 13.4" 4K UHD OLED Touchscreen

Now my favorite 13-inch portable is the Dell XPS 13 Plus still one of my favorites, because of its design, its portability. It has a P-series processor, a 28wat processor that gives you good performance and decent battery life.

Dell XPS 13 Plus boasts 3.5k touchscreen OLED display that is absolutely gorgeous but of course I also have the full HD Plus that one is also pretty gorgeous. So you will get a little bit better battery life out of that but the choices are great. Dell XPS 13 Plus is a great portable laptop that I think looks great and will be a great performer on the road.

4. HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Convertible

HP Spectre X360 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop

First on the list is the HP Spectre x360, featuring a splendid 3000×2000 OLED touchscreen display with a 3:2 aspect ratio. It gives you good performance and extended battery life with in-pen support, making it the go-to choice for consumers of the 3:2 aspect ratio. The Spectre line, a flagship from HP, will uphold its reputation as one of the best-choice laptops 2024.

5. Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1

Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 14.0" FHD 400Nits Touch-Screen Laptop

The second contender is the Lenovo Yoga 9i, which features a 2.8k OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. It has a good processor that gives good overall performance and good battery life. Lenovo Yoga also has pen support, which makes it an ideal choice for note-taking or artistic consumers. As one of the premium 2-in-1 convertible laptops in 2024, the Lenovo Yoga 9i stands out.

6. HP Elite Dragonfly G4

Hp Elite Dragonfly G4 13.5 Touchscreen Notebook

As far as business travel laptop in 2024, first we have the HP Elite Dragonfly G4, my personal favorite. It has an optional 5G modem, and the 3:2 aspect ratio of its 13.5-inch display, combined with military-grade durability in a thin and light design, sets it apart.

It excels in security features and hosts a top-notch camera, making it ideal for video conferencing. The HP Elite Dragonfly G4 ticks all the boxes for a business travel laptop: good battery life, sleek design, durability, and good communication features.

7. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11

The second contender we have the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 2023, its a prime choice for business travelers, especially those loyal to the ThinkPad brand. Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon Gen 11 stands out with its exceptional keyboard, providing a amazing typing experience for lengthy documents and emails.

Good durability, and strong security features, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 offers various display options, including the full HD Plus touchscreen variant to get excellent battery life. If you prefer a 16:10 aspect ratio with a 14-inch display and seek a reliable travel companion for business, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 is a compelling option.

8. Dell Latitude 9440 Convertible 2 in 1

Dell Latitude 9000 9440

The Dell Latitude 9440 2-in-1 features a stunning keyboard, perfect for effortlessly typing lengthy documents and emails. Boasting a gorgeous 14-inch QHD Plus display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, touch capability, and pen support, it caters to various needs like note-taking and artwork sketching.

The Dell Latitude 9440-i-1 gives outstanding battery life performance and security and has good build quality, making it a comprehensive solution that ticks all the essential boxes. For these reasons, it stands out as my favorite 2-in-1 laptop for business travelers in 2024.

9. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 9i Pro

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 9i Pro Laptop

The Lenovo Slim Pro 9i, also internationally recognized as the Yoga Pro 9i. This sleek laptop boasts a 14.5-inch 3K display with a 16:10 aspect ratio and an impressive 165Hz refresh rate called the Pure Sight Pro display. Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i is ideal for tasks like video editing and creative work. It strikes a balance between power and portability with a thin and light design. And the standout feature is the mini LED display, offering exceptional brightness surpassing that of OLED.

10. Asus ZenBook Pro 14 OLED

ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 OLED

Asus ZenBook Pro 14 Featuring a 14.5-inch display with a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate, touchscreen capability, and pen support, it caters to diverse needs. The ZenBook Pro 1401 excels in portability, incorporating a unique dial pad for added functionality. With a discrete GPU, it stands out as a great creative laptop, suitable for 4K video editing and even some gaming. The Asus ZenBook Pro 14 remains one of my favorites for 2024, combining a host of features to meet the demands of pro-level tasks.

11. Lenovo Legion Slim 5 Gaming Laptop

Lenovo 2023 Legion Slim 5 Gaming Laptop

Now my favorite 14-inch gaming laptop is the Lenovo Legion Slim 5. It’s the Gen 8 running the AMD Ryzen 77840HS processor, and paired with the RTX4060 GPU, it comes in at a great price and gives you nice gaming performance.

On the Legion Slim 5, you can do 4K video editing, and it has really nice overall looks, including a nice 120Hz refresh rate OLED display that supports 2.8K resolution. The Lenovo Legion Slim 5 is also great for general-purpose stuff, so this pretty much checks all the boxes for a portable 14-inch gaming laptop, and this is my favorite one for early 2024.

12. HP Omen 16 Gaming Laptop

HP Omen 16.1" 165Hz WQHD (2560x1440) IPS Gaming Laptop

My top choice for a 16-inch gaming laptop in early 2024 is the HP Omen 16. The HP Omen has a 16.1-inch 2560×1440 16:9 resolution display, a good processor, and a good GPU without breaking the bank. The reason behind selecting the HP Omen is its budget range value proposition, offering a plethora of features without compromising on quality, not only to gamers but also in creative work like 4K video editing.

A notable feature is its 240Hz refresh rate, which ensures smooth scrolling and an overall fluid gaming experience. With a blend of performance, affordability, and versatility, the HP Omen stands out as a well-rounded choice for gamers in 2023.

13. Asus ZenBook 16x OLED

ASUS Zenbook Pro 16X 4K OLED Laptop

The Asus ZenBook 16x OLED, which to me is one of the best out there in terms of a CPU and GPU combination, has pen support, a raised typing angle, an urgo lift hinge that gives you really comfortable ergonomics when it comes to typing out long documents and emails, and good 4K video editing.

The Asus ZenBook 16x OLED can do gaming; this is a very capable creator’s laptop, a very capable general-purpose laptop for that matter, and one of my favorites for 2023. The 16-inch display is absolutely stunning; it’s got a high refresh rate; it’s got pen support; everything you’d want is there. The Asus ZenBook 16x OLED is a great choice for 2023.

14. Lenovo Slim Pro 9i

Lenovo Slim Pro 9i 14-inch Keyboard and Touchpad

The other one is the Lenovo Slim Pro 9i, also known as the Yoga Pro 9i. It has a 16-inch 3.2k mini LED display with a 165Hz refresh rate. It’s great for doing creative work, great for doing 4K video editing, and you can game on. It has a good CPU and GPU combination overall, great aesthetics, and they’ve done a fantastic job.

I can’t say enough how great that mini LED display is in terms of how just how everything pops the incredible brightness, you get from it it’s extremely bright overall a great laptop for not only creators but general purpose getting work done for a 16-inch laptop The Lenovo Slim Pro 9i is one of the best laptops for early 2024.

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