Earfun Air 2 Review: Budget TWS with Amazing Sound

Last week, EarFun launched its new budget true wireless earbuds, the Air 2. At the price of $50, and I have been enjoying music for a week on them. Earfun Air 2 have a Qualcomm aptX with 10mm drivers, an LDAC, and Snapdragon sound support. I think at the budget price, it’s pretty much worth it, but here I shared my real thoughts after using it: Is it really worth it?

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Design and Build

EarFun Air 2 Case Design and build quality

The design and build of the Air 2 case is solid and slimer, and it does catches a little dust and scratches, the hinge quality is good, you can open using one hand and when push back automatically close. On the front you get an LED which shows battery charging, and at the bottom we have a USB-C port. On the back side hinge you find EarFun written in silver which also hides the joint of the hinge.

EarFun Air 2 Buds Design and build quality

And the Earfun Air 2 Buds build is quite strong and light; it’s design is a bit taller than the Air Pro 3, but lighter. When I put it in my ear, I don’t get any comfort issues; it fits my ears well, and I can use it for hours or longer without any ear pain. And you do have three different-size silicon tips to match according to your ear canal for a perfect fit and comfort.

Overall, the build quality of the case and buds is quite premium and light, and they are also IPX7 waterproof and sweat-resistant, so they do not feel cheaper than anywhere else. It’s really a premium earbud on a budget.

Setup and Connection

It boast Bluetooth 5.3 and for setup, just open the case and pull out the earbuds. The buds have a little LED above the touch that shows the on-and-off status. So if it blinks blue, it means it is now on, and then turn on your Android or iOS Bluetooth, then simply select the Earfun Air 2 for pairing. Now the buds are connected, and you can enjoy music.

It also has a multipoint connection feature which means you can connect to devices simultaneously on your smartphone, PC, or other multimedia device. I really love this feature because when I’m working, I enjoy music on my smartphone, and at the same time I need to watch videos on my laptop. When I just hit play video, it automatically pauses the smartphone and plays the videos. It’s a very helpful productivity feature.

One thing I notice is really bad is the connection because when I was enjoying the music, it jittered, like stopping for a second and sounding, and was not far from my device, but the connection has been lost many times. I think this is an early bug, so when the next update comes, they fix it.

App and Controls

EarFun Air 2 App Features

You have Earfun App support, where you can see the battery status of the case and each buds, game mode, equalizer, and control customization options and settings. And you’re able to download and update new firmware, toggle between LDAC and stable connection, call mic setup, voice wizard settings, and find my headphones. As far as the equalizer goes, you can go with presets like Rock, Pop, Base Boost, Treble Boost, and others, and you can simply custom equalize as you love.

When it comes to controls, it has a tap function, and when put first, I love the controls because they work responsibly without any delays. And these controls are set by default, and you can customize them to your preference in the app.

Tap OnceVolume downVolume up
Tap TwicePause/playPause/Play
Tap TriplePrevious trackNext track
Long Pressvoice AssistantVoice Assistant

Audio Quality

Air 2 has 10mm wool composite dynamic audio drivers with LDAC, is also Hi-Res Audio certified, and features Snapdragon sound with Qualcomm aptX adaptive. Beside these features As I tested it for a week, the audio sound quality is amazing at the budget price point; it sounds clear and crisp with good bass and treble. You get 55ms of low-latency game mode, so gaming is also good with it. One thing to notice is that it’s audio is crisper and lighter, not deep, but for music, it’s audio is really good. Don’t expect the Air Pro 3 or the Huawei Freebuds Pro 3.

It’s not has ANC (active noise cancellation), which is a big downside, but when you choose the perfect size of silicon tips that perfectly fit your ear, it can surprise you and cut off a high amount of noise. And I tested it in the Indian road traffic and works well, not letting the noises reach my ears to disturb my music enjoyment.

As far the call quality it features 4 microphone with noise cancellation technology, and i tested it sound clear and loud and the noise cancellation work pretty good. Overall the Audio quality with LDAC and Qualcomm aptX support at price of budget earbuds.

Battery Life

EarFun Air 2 Budget TWS Earbuds

The Earfun claims 9 hours of battery playtime with buds and 31 hours with case. I tested and got 3 hours of playtime from 100% to 70% on the EarfunAir 2. It’s battery performance is good, and the pricy earbuds like the Galaxy Buds Pro and Pixel Buds Pro all provide the same battery performance. And when you are fully drained, it can be charged by using a USB-C port, and it also supports wireless charging, so for charging you don’t need to worry.

My Thought: Is it Worth it?

So, What do i think about it and is it the Eafun Air 2 really worth?

Yes, It’s slimmer and lighter, IPX 7 waterproof, Qualcomm aptX High-Res audio with LDAC support sounds really amazing, crisp and clear, and with all these features at a budget price of $50. It does have downsides like no ANC support and connection issues, but the main thing is that the ANC connection issue can be resolved in the next update. If the ANC does not matter to you a lot, I would say go for it; it really provides out of price features and performance.

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