iPhone 14 Pro Max Review After A Month Later 2022

Hello everyone, I am Abrar Khan and I’ve been using the iPhone 14 Pro Max for nearly a month now and today I wanted to give you my updated thoughts on it, a hands-on review of the features, pros and cons. So there are some new features, such as the dynamic island and brighter screen improved cameras for photos and videos.

And that new action load. But are these changes significant enough to justify an upgrade to the 14 Pro or Pro Max? As I shoot all the videos on my channel with an iPhone, So it’s been a good opportunity to really see how the 14 Pro Max performs as my daily phone, so if you were thinking of buying one of the latest iPhone 14 Pros, hopefully this article will give you an idea of what to expect.

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New Screen Features or Dynamic Island

iphone 14 Pro Maxx Dynamic island

One of the biggest changes that we’ve seen this year is the addition of the dynamic island. That’s the little notch or pale at the top, and I will say that I do prefer this over the notch that we’ve had before. They’ve taken what is a pretty boring hardware feature and turned it into this adaptive notification area Yes, it protrudes slightly more into the screen, but visually I think this looks a lot nicer as far as functionality.

Do you know what this is more than just a gimmick? Of course, it’s always easy to be sucked into the Apple event hype thinking. This little island is going to change my life, but it’s not bad at the moment.

It is quite limited, so not all apps support or use this area yet, but the ones that do it really well, like face ID. Incoming calls also show up at the top, and these dynamically change the width of the pill. There are loads more that I found as well.

Things like screen recording timers, music charging, and even airdropping files all take advantage of this little area Returning to a phone call while using another app is easier as well.

And I imagine over time, more and more apps will integrate here, and we’ll see things that we didn’t even realise that we needed. So, although this little notification area shouldn’t be the main reason to buy a 14 pro, it’s a nice feature to have and makes using the iPhone that a little bit easier on a day-to-day basis.

Another thing to mention about the screen is the bump up in brightness. This now maxes out at 2 000 nits side by side with last year’s 13 Pro. It’s hard to see the difference, but it’s when you take it outside that you really notice it.

The screen is still pretty reflective, so in direct sunlight you’re going to struggle to see what’s on the screen, but generally speaking, the brighter screen really does help. And we’ve obviously got the pro motion display, so the 120 hertz adaptive screen, so scrolling through apps and pages is really smooth.

Is the Max too BIG?

iphone 14 Pro Max Size

So, as I mentioned, I’ve gone for the Pro Max this year and when it comes to the size and portability, there are definitely some pros and cons. The advantage is the screen is bigger, so it’s perfect for editing photos, watching videos, or playing games. But it also has a bigger battery, so fewer worries about charging it. But if you’ve got smaller hands or you struggle to use one one-handed, it can be a problem.

So, for example, trying to tap the dynamic island to answer a call, you’re probably going to need two hands to use it comfortably. For me, the pros do outweigh the cons now. I don’t mind a slightly larger phone if it means I can enjoy editing or watching content on here and not really worry about the battery life. But if I’m being honest, I have picked up my wife’s 14 pro a couple of times and questioned whether I should have gone smaller, but overall I am happy with the 14 pro Max.

Videos Recording Improvement

iphone 14 Pro Max Camera

Now this isn’t a secret, but I do use an iPhone to record all of the videos for this channel, and that’s the one and only reason that I upgrade every single year. I want the best camera that I can get for an iPhone, so the fact that the cameras have been upgraded once again is a huge advantage for me.

But do they make that much of a difference? Well, starting with the article, I shot in 4K 30, although it will do up to 4K 60, and I can tell you now that within the first few minutes of using it. I could tell this was noticeably better quality than the 13 Pro; it’s brighter, less noisy, and definitely has a bump in overall video quality.

Last week’s article on the Sony headset review, well, that was filmed entirely on the 14 Pro Max. Everything before this video was then filmed on either the 13 Pro Max or the 13 Mini. And even while editing this video, I could see just how good the quality looked, and that’s filming inside Today’s article is shot between the 14 Pro and the 13 Pro, and it still amazes me just how good the iPhone footage is.

All of this camera capability is packed into a mobile phone that’s in your pocket. So that means if you want to create content, which is something I often encourage, you can use the phone that’s in your pocket.

The iPhone 14 pro is a perfect phone for that. We now have four focal lengths ranging from 0.5 up to three times and I’d say all four have seen a noticeable upgrade in quality. Even the ultra wide lens looks a lot cleaner than what we’ve seen before.

Action Mode and Stabilisation

iphone 14 Pro Max Action Stabilisation

There’s the stabilisation and the standard motion handling, which are incredibly good You could easily use the 14 pro without a gimbal while walking through town. It is super smooth, but last weekend I had to try out the new action mode that we’ve seen recently added to the 14 pro, and this thing is ridiculous.

So what I did was I asked my son to run down the street and I would follow him as best as I could without the action mode. which is still very good, bearing in mind I am running sideways here while holding two phones to try and get that shot. And now I’ve switched over to action mode and started running again, and considering how fast we’re both running with no gimbal, this is effortlessly stable.

It’s worth mentioning that it does reduce the resolution to 2.7K instead of 4K, but it’s not really noticeable even when showing the footage side by side. So I think if you need to make use of the action mode, don’t really worry about the resolution, but generally speaking, the standard stabilisation really is good enough and you don’t really need a gimbal.

Battery Life Day-to-day

iphone 14 Pro Max Battery Life

The larger battery means you’re going to see a few extra hours now. Apple says you’ll get up to 29 hours of use, but realistically I’ve seen anywhere between 10 to 15 hours now. That is more than enough of my daily needs and that includes checking social media, filming videos, watching YouTube, and replying to emails.

If I can make it through 15 hours a day without a charge, I am happy with that. I normally take it off charge when I wake up in the morning around 7am and then I put it back on charge at 11 PM. I don’t really need more than that. But the pro, on the other hand, that my wife uses is borderline flat by the late evening.

There is a reason why I believe that I’ve managed to get a decent battery life out of mine and that’s because almost immediately I disabled the always-on display I know this is a new feature this year, but I just don’t like it. I found myself constantly looking over and getting distracted, so I can only assume this has helped slightly towards my battery.

Photos in Pro RAW

iphone 14 Pro Max Camera

so I’ve talked about how I use the iPhone for creating my YouTube videos, but I’ve also taken all of my Instagram and Twitter photos with an iPhone as well. I often shoot in raw and then edit them in Lightroom mobile. However, this gives you an idea of what is possible with just an iPhone on the back. We still have the three lenses; we’ve got the ultra wide, the wide and the telephoto, but we now have four different zoom modes.

We have 0.5, 1, 2, and 3. But the biggest change here is the fact that when shooting in Pro Raw, you can make use of the 48 megapixel camera. I have always been impressed with the iPhone camera, but being able to shoot at 48 megapixels in raw and then edit in Lightroom mobile is incredible.

The detail and the information stored in these files take edits and pictures to a whole new level. Of course, you don’t need to shoot in Pro Raw. You can use the normal photo mode and you’ll get some awesome photos from it, but it’s just going to be a compressed photo. And another thing, the files are huge. We’re talking 15 to 20 times bigger than the jpeg equivalent. You won’t want to be shooting every single photo in raw, just the ones you know need editing or correcting. Most of the photos will be worth it.

iphone 14 Pro Max Photo in proraw

I’ve taken floats around 50 to 80 megabytes, so your space could very quickly fill up. I’m not sure if it’s because the files are so huge, but when you take multiple photos, I have noticed that the phone massively slows down. So let me show you a very quick example of the 13 Pro Max and the 14 Pro Max, both taking Pro Raw photos and just for comparison. The same again, but both taken in normal jpeg photos.

I’m not sure if this can be improved upon, but hopefully. We’ll see how this is optimised by Apple via an update that’s like eight to nine seconds delayed, which is painfully slow, but the photos I have taken over the last few weeks have been awesome. It’s easy to say these are better than what I could have taken on the 13 Pro, but I do feel this is more than just a placebo effect; the images really are noticeably better.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Storage

So if you’re shooting loads of content in 4k and taking photos in Pro raw, you’re probably going to need loads of storage. And that is the main reason that I’ve gone for the one terabyte option. It does seem like overkill, especially as I also use the two terabyte. I have cloud storage, but it means I can take as many photos and videos as I need without really worrying.

I would say if you were creating content or you planned a film in 4k and taking photos in Pro Raw, you’ll probably want to go for at least the 512 GB option. One terabyte is too much for most. But then, if you think you’re going to keep the phone for the next two to three years, it’s probably worth upgrading now, as you can never have too much storage.

Design Plateau?

iphone 14 Pro Max design

I think from a design and overall look perspective, it’s hard to get super excited about the iPhone Pro models as they’ve kind of looked the same for the last few years. I do like the new space black color. I think in certain lights this is really nice and it’s still my favourite choice, but saying that, I do hide it inside a case 99% of the time. So it’s almost irrelevant if I wasn’t using the case.

They’re still band on the side and it picks up loads of fingerprints. You’ll end up wiping this down quite frequently, and as for the case, I’m using the standard Apple leather one. It’s not the cheapest out there and, if I’m being honest, the durability isn’t great, but it looks nice and it fits really well. It’s obviously a shame to cover this phone up because it does look nice out of the case, but it’s the best way to protect it.

Comparison: 13 Pro Max and 14 Pro Max

iphone 14 Pro Max and 13 Camera

I compared it very quickly to the 13 Pro Max. The main differences include the pill at the top or the dynamic island. They’re always on display: two thousand nits of brightness and, finally, the improved cameras. Putting them side by side, you would struggle to tell them apart. The new one is slightly darker in terms of colour, and the lenses are a little bit bigger, but other than that, they do look practically the same. Here’s the 14 Pro Max against the 14 Pro.

Is it worthwhile to upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Again, just to give you an idea of the size difference between the two. So I think most of these new features that we’ve seen on the 14 pro are nice to have. But not one of them really makes this a justifiable upgrade.

iphone 14 Pro Max Screen

If you’ve already got a 13 Pro, this feels more like a 13 Pro rather than the whole new model this year. And the same could be said for the normal 14, but I’ll just say that if you want the best iPhone available right now and you’ll make use of those new features, you cannot go wrong with the 14 pro.

So yeah, the camera upgrade alone will make a noticeable difference in any photo or video that you take, so yeah, overall I’m really happy with the 14 Pro Max. I’m looking forward to seeing what my future videos and articles will look like on the channel and whether you’ve noticed any improvement already.

What do you think about the quality of this article? Let me know if you’ve got an iPhone already or what features you would like to see added next time to make you upgrade. Drop a shot on your iPhone in the comments.

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