Leaks: iPhone 15 Pro – Apple’s Controversial Change?

Are Apple iPhones Ditching the SIM Tray for Good? iPhone 15 Leaks Revealed!

It seems that every day there’s a new iPhone rumor, but in this article, we have four fresh leaks to cover. Let’s start with the most controversial one: Apple potentially removing the SIM tray from all global models.

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Removing Sim Tray

You may know that the iPhone 14 already removed the SIM tray from US models, offering eSIM instead. But outside the US, eSIM support is not as widespread, so Apple kept the physical SIM tray in most regions. However, a French tech website igen.fr now claims that the French version of the iPhone 15 won’t have a SIM slot, which suggests that Apple might be implementing eSIM everywhere.

iPhone 15 Haptic Engine

This move could bring some benefits, like offering more free space to add new features. For example, in our previous article, we talked about how Apple might add two extra haptic engines to the iPhone 15 Pro, and removing the SIM tray could provide the necessary space. Plus, eSIMs are more secure, as they are tamper-proof, making it harder for thieves to remove the SIM card.

However, there are downsides to consider. Many carriers outside the US don’t support eSIM yet, making it impossible for users to activate an iPhone 15 without switching carriers. Plus, travelers may have a harder time getting a prepaid SIM card when visiting other countries. But if Apple goes all-in with eSIM, it could push more carriers to support it, making it more widely available. That’s not all; we have three more leaks to share.


According to Taiwanese research firm Trend Force, the iPhone 15 Pro models will come with 8GB of RAM, up from 6GB in the current models. The regular iPhone 15s could still have 6GB of RAM, but with faster LPDR5 speeds, which would offer better performance.

A16 Chip Upgrade

Moreover, if Apple keeps the idea of giving the non-pro models last year’s Pro chip, then the standard iPhone 15s would come with the A16 chip, which the iPhone 14 Pros had. This could also make sense, as the A16 chip already features a built-in LPDR5 memory.

Having 8GB of RAM in the Pro models would be a significant upgrade, as it matches some flagship Android phones’ RAM capacity. This could mean better RAM management and improved performance, which some iPhone users have been waiting for.

In conclusion, while the removal of the SIM tray may cause some inconvenience for some users, it could bring more benefits in the long run. Plus, the added RAM and upgraded chip in the iPhone 15 lineup could offer better performance and a more competitive edge against Android phones. We can’t wait to see how these rumors play out when the iPhone 15 officially launches later this year!

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