Motorola razer+ 3.6″ P-OLED Cover Screen, Flip Phone is Now 30% off on Amazon

The Motorola Razer 40 Ultra, also known as the Motorola razer+ flip phone in the United States. Now it has 30% on Amazon you can grab it at $699 down from $999, this deal is only for limited time so don’t miss it.

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Design and Build Quality

Motorola Razer+ Design and build Quality

The Razer 40 Ultra cover screen envelops the folded phone and extends around the cameras, supporting a variety of apps like Netflix and games. Its vegan leather backing provides a nice, grippy feel, and there are color options with glass backs—all framed in durable 7000 series aluminum.

The refined teardrop hinge ensures a flat fold without gaps, offering sturdiness and versatility. The hinge can stay open at different angles, allowing the phone to function as a tripod for shooting, particularly useful for vlogging. The phone, with an IP52 rating for Ingress Protection, is slightly less water-resistant than the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (which has an IPX8 rating), but it may offer better dust protection.

Main Screen Specs and Features

Motorola Razer+ 6.9-inch LTPO 165Hz Display

Unfold the Razer 40 Ultra has 6.9-inch LTPO OLED screen featuring a 1080p resolution and a faster 165Hz refresh rate, providing a bit taller and narrower 22×9 aspect ratio for sharp content. Supporting 10-bit color and HDR 10 Plus video, the color accuracy is impressive based on your settings.

The inner display’s brightness is notable, reaching around 500 nits manually and over a thousand nits in auto mode for bright conditions. Despite the intended 165Hz smoothness for swiping and scrolling, achieving rates beyond 120Hz, except for benchmarks or certain games, proved challenging. Notably, the LTPO panel allows the refresh rate to drop to 1Hz during idle periods, optimizing energy efficiency.

Cover Screen Specs and Features

Motorola Razer+ 3.6-inch cover Screen

Motorola razer+ cover display is a compact 3.6-inch P-OLED panel boasting a 144Hz refresh rate and the same pixel density as the main screen. Supporting 10-bit color and HDR 10 Plus video, square one-to-one aspect ratio display, despite its smaller size, offers an enjoyable content consumption experience in a pinch. Impressively bright, it reaches up to 500 nits with a manual slider and 930 nits in auto brightness mode. While the refresh rate is smooth, peaking at 120Hz during swiping, it differs from an LTPO panel, limiting its minimum dial-down to 60Hz.

Storage and Chipset

The Moto Razer 40 Ultra offers storage options of 256 or 512 gigabytes, with no option for MicroSD expansion. It has the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, the same as last year’s model and other 2022 flagships, the moto razer+ delivers ample power for smooth multitasking and intense gaming. However, it’s a tad disappointing not to have the latest Snapdragon HN2, and in benchmarks, the Razer 40 Ultra lags behind newer flagships featuring this chipset.

Battery and camera Specs

The Razer 40 Ultra boasts a 3800mAh battery with notably improved battery life, it achieved an endurance rating of 83 hours in our tests, a decent performance for a flip-style phone. The Moto razer+ supports 30W charging, delivering a satisfactory but not exceptional charging speed—we reached 45% in half an hour, and also wireless charging support.

The Razer+ features a 32 MP megapixel main camera with an extra-wide F1.8 aperture and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide camera with autofocus, allowing for macro close-ups.

So if you looking a compact smart phone then the moto razer+ is best to get at this deal, you save up to $200.

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