Amazon Echo Studio (2022) Review

Amazon Echo Studio is undoubtedly the Big one, and we’ve here 2022 version. It’s Boston enhanced width, clarity, and presence, according to Amazon. Although the Echo Studio also costs $10 or more than the previous model. Let’s read out the full review to know about design, audio quality, controls and so on.

Design and Build

Design and Build Material

The Amazon Echo Studio 2022 looks distinctly similar to the original version, but you do now have the option of gorgeous glacier white model, which is great news if you have gone for a lighter color scheme in the Old Homestead.

The actual build materials haven’t changed up at all, they’ve got a full fabric exterior, which looks pretty good. You do have one slightly ugly seam running down one side, however so you’ll probably want to turn around and sort of keep that bit concealed.

Buttons and controls

Around the top of the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 is the same plastic ring as before, and around ring, you’ll find the far-field mics, which pick up your voice commands and also four physical buttons. As far the controls, you’ve got volume up and volume down, and an action button, which can be used to call up the voice assistant. And If you want a bit of privacy, you have a mic mute button as well, so it’s not capture all of your conversations.

Same as the previous model, you’ve got skinny Wii orifice down near the bottom that’s actually a base aperture to make the bass sound beefy. And a rubbery bottom as well, which just adds a nice bit of grip when it is sat on a surface.


Amazon Echo Studio 2022 Ports and connectivity

As far ports, it’s pretty simple stuff, you have power socket, aux optical in and a micro USB port to connect devices as well. The adorable light ring that runs the circumference of the top end of the speaker, which is great when you’re using the Echo speaker in the evenings. It adds a good bit of atmosphere to your kitchen counter or whatever, and it is actually functional because it only lights up when Alexa is listening in.

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As far the setup is so easy, first plug in, then it surprise you with a loud music and then say to download The Alexa app. You’ll find the Alexa app on the Apple App Store for iPhones and also on the Google Play Store for Android devices. And now just open the Alexa app accept all the usual permissions, then sign in with your Amazon account, then you should get a notification popping up on screen saying setup is complete. Now you can enjoy music via Bluetooth.


Once the setup is complete, your Echo Studio will then play a nice little bit of music to try and work out what the acoustics are like in the room it is sat in. It could then automatically adjust the audio output to suit those acoustics, and every time you move, it will perform that test again to change the audio output.That’s a feature you’ll typically find in more premium speakers from the likes of Sonos, so it’s great to see Amazon chucking it in a speaker that costs under $200. With that done, your Echo Studio should be all connected to your network via the Dual Band Wi-Fi support and ready to rock.

Audio Quality

When it comes to your audio, the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 actually has the same five-speaker setup as the previous version. For any audio bots out there the arrangement is a two-inch upward-firing, a two-inch left-firing, and a two-inch right-firing speaker, as well as a one-inch front-firing tweeter, and a five-and-a-quarter-inch downward-firing woofer for all lows. You have full Dolby Atmos output support, if you want to hook it up to a TV and enjoy that cinematic style experience. You’ve also got support for Sony 360 audio if you want to enjoy a proper 3D soundscape.

While the improved audio output is subtle, to say the Amazon Echo Studio is certainly powerful enough to use as part of a cinematic Hi-Fi-style setup. It makes every genre of music that I tested sound absolutely brilliant, those can certainly overpower the other elements of a track, particularly on bass-heavy songs, but only for hip-hop, dance, and rock music. It all sounds pretty lush when you request that there’s a bit of music for you. And If you don’t use Amazon’s very own music streaming service; it support Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, all the usual music streaming platforms.

Voice control

The main method of controlling the Amazon Echo Studio is your voice, So those far-field mics, which are positioned around the entire circumference, very good at picking up your voice even in a really loud, noisy environment. Most impressively, even when the Amazon Echo Studio 2022 itself is blasting out metal music full pelt on top volume, just say it at a decent volume from the other side of the room, and the mics will still somehow pick you up. So as far as the mics go, I would say the quality is right up there with the likes of the Google Nest speakers as well. No issues whatsoever.

Final Thought

So the Amazon Echo Studio works really well as a standalone smart speaker, if you’re in a bit more umph compared with the rest of the Echo range. Otherwise as I say, you can hook it up to your TV, if you’ve a Fire TV Stick or a Fire TV Cube, you can Echo Studio hooked up to them and get yourself a proper powered home theater setup.

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