Quntis ScreenLinear Monitor Lamp Review: A Budget-friendly

The Quntis ScreenLinear Computer Monitor Light is a compact size of 52W x 2H centimeters. With 78 LED lights, it provides ample brightness 700lux for your monitor. You can easily attach it to your monitor with an adjustable clip. It connects via USB Type-C, so you can plug it directly into your power supply adapter or USB-A port. Priced at $39, it includes auto-dimming sensors and touch controls for easy adjustments without any glare.

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Unboxing and Design


When you open the box, you’ll find the Quntis Lamp bar itself, along with 2 adjustable covers and clip, a Type-C cable for power, and user manual documents – all neatly packed.


The Quntis Monitor Light bar comes in sleek black, complementing any monitor color. It’s made of aluminum plastics, giving it a premium feel. After using it for a week and a half, I haven’t noticed it collecting too much dust or getting scratched easily.

On both sides at the top center, you’ll find touch controls, with a USB Type-C port in the middle for power. The design is clean, with the ‘Quntis’ brand name on the left and ScreenLinear on the right in small letters.

Overall, at $40, the build quality feels premium, and the design is sleek, though having the controls on the side might be better than on the front.

Clip and Setup

clip and Setup

In the box, you’ll find two different sizes of adjustment covers to fit the clip onto your monitor’s back. The clip can rotate up to 100 degrees, and the lamp can tilt up to 30 degrees. The clip can extend up to 1.2cm with the help of a spring inside it.

For setup, first, check your monitor’s size and adjust the cover accordingly. Then, attach the ScreenLinear lamp to the clip, as shown in the image above, and fix it in the center of your monitor. Next, connect the USB Type-C cable to power it up from your PC, monitor, adapter, or even a power bank, and you’re all set to go.

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Touch Controls

Touch Controls

On the ScreenLinear, there are four touch controls. First, there’s the power on/off button. Next, there’s a sensor for touch that adjusts brightness automatically based on the environment. If you touch it once and the small indicators turn blue, it means the auto dimming is on. It can make the light brighter or darker by itself, and to turn it off, just touch it again.

The third control is for changing the color temperature. You can choose from four different presets according to your needs. And the fourth control is for adjusting brightness, ranging from 3000K to 6500K, with four different modes: low, medium, bright, and brighter.

These controls make using the ScreenLinear more comfortable. You can adjust anything just by touching, and it’s easy to use.

LED and Brightness

LED and Brightness

Quntis ScreenLinear Monitor light bar is certified to meet specific standards ensuring there’s no blue light hazard or flickering, which can strain your eyes. Plus, it has a built-in sensor that checks the brightness around you and adjusts accordingly, up to 700lux. You can also manually tweak the brightness and color temperature (from warm to cool) to suit your preference. With 78 high-quality LED beads it provides lighting without harsh shadows or glare, making it perfect for productivity work and gaming.

One thing I noticed is that the auto dimming feature doesn’t work perfectly as promised. Even with good lighting on my desk, when I manually set the ScreenLinear to the highest brightness and turn on the auto dimming sensor, the brightness doesn’t change or dim as expected.


Having used the Quntis ScreenLinear Monitor bar lamp for the past two weeks, I must say it’s really good and feels premium. It has all the controls you need, from adjusting brightness to changing the temperature. Plus, it has a sensor that can detect your surroundings and adjust the brightness accordingly. At $40, it’s budget-friendly but still offers a premium build quality.

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