Realme 10 Pro 5G Review: Coca Cola Edition

Reviewing the budget-friendly Realme 10 Pro, specifically the limited edition Coca-Cola version. It shares the same specifications and hardware as the original model but comes with a design inspired by the popular soft drink.


Inside the box featuring Coca-Cola branding, you’ll discover several stickers and extra items. Among them is a can-shaped card displaying the limited edition number, which also includes additional details on the back, a neat touch. The SIM pin comes in a distinctive Coca-Cola bottle top shape. Alongside the Realme 10 Pro Coco Cola edition itself and then a 33-watt power adapter, a Type-C USB cable, and a protective case designed to keep phone safe.

Design and Build Quality

Realme 10 Pro Design

I’ve been using the realme 10 Pro as my primary smartphone for a whole weekend, and I’m surprised more people haven’t said, “Oh, you’re a Coca-Cola fan, huh?” Firstly impresses with its lightweight build, weighing just 190 grams. This is especially noticeable coming from the OnePlus 11. Despite its large 6.72-inch size, it feels notably lighter than the OnePlus, making one-handed use more comfortable, even with its flat edges and lack of prominent curves. Reaching the corners might be a bit of a stretch, but the phone features a convenient one-handed mode to help with that Realme aims for a “boundless display” experience.

While the regular model boasts a sparkly design, it’s not as eye-catching as this Coca-Cola version. The branding is anything but subtle, with the logo boldly slashed in half. Realme adds a thick metal effect that resembles brushed aluminum giving it a distinctive look. However, despite the aluminum appearance, the back is actually made of plastic. The matte finish prevents it from getting marked up, greasy, or dirty.

Personally, I lean more towards Iron Brew and a need for a bright orange smartphone. Nevertheless, I appreciate the red rings around the camera lenses. Although the phone is designed to resist water infiltration, there’s no official IP rating provided.

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RealmeUI and Coca Cola Theme

Realme 10 Pro Coca Cola Theme Ui

The realme 10 Pro comes with the latest Android 13, but it’s customized with realmeUI 4. While Android users will navigate with ease, there are a few tweaks. The Coca-Cola Edition adds a fizzy theme by default, featuring a nondescript wallpaper with bubbles and a unique lock screen showing the realme cat mascot seemingly immersed in fizzy liquid. There’s an official Coca-Cola ringtone, a catchy notification sound, and even a distinctive charging animation.

The rest retains the regular realmeUI but unfortunately includes pre-installed apps and bloatware like Snack Video and LinkedIn, along with Realme Zone and others. Many of these apps can be uninstalled. With 128GB of storage, a considerable portion is taken up by apps, including around 20GB for Genshin Impact. It has space for a MicroSD card to expand storage. realme has opted for an edge-mounted fingerprint sensor which is swift and responsive complemented by a reliable Face Unlock feature.

Display and Audio Quality

Realme 10 Pro Display

The Realme 10 Pro Coca Cola Edition boasts a sizable 6.72-inch IPS panel, while not OLED is still a reasonably decent IPS screen. Although it lacks an always-on display and the contrast isn’t as sharp with blacks not as deep, it’s perfectly suitable for enjoying Netflix, Disney Plus, or other content. The full HD Plus resolution offers visuals at 2400p by 1080p. The viewing angles are wide enough for comfortable group viewing, and outdoor visibility at maximum brightness is not an issue. The centrally positioned selfie camera cutout doesn’t intrude much into the screen when in full-screen mode.

In the display settings, you can adjust the screen refresh rate. It’s set to Dynamic by default, scaling from 30 Hertz to 120 Hertz. Keeping it at 120 Hertz provides a consistently smooth UI experience. However, there may be occasional erratic screen response during gentle scrolls, where websites or social media feeds shoot off unexpectedly.

And boasts stereo speakers, reminiscent of HTC’s BoomSound phones. The exact qualification for “Ultra Boom” is unclear. These stereo speakers are decent but not the loudest, and they can be a bit tinny. However, they work well for casual activities like watching YouTube. Bluetooth streaming has been reliable, and a notable feature is the inclusion of a headphone jack.


Realme 10 Pro Performance and Gaming Test

The realme 10 Pro is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset and 8 gigs of RAM, providing full 5G support and ensuring smooth everyday performance. Gaming on this device is respectable, even in demanding games like Genshin Impact, where graphics need to be set to the lowest level. Despite the lower graphics settings the frame rate remains fairly stable providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

You gaming mode similar to those found in ColorOS and Oxygen OS. The gaming mode offers various tools and features including a performance mode that I maxed out to optimize Genshin Impact’s performance. Additionally, there’s focused mode “Do Not Disturb” to help block out distractions and immerse yourself in the gaming experience.

Battery life

The Realme 10 Pro Coca Cola edition has 5,000 milliamp-hour capacity battery and the energy-efficient Snapdragon 695 chipset, it’s easily lasts the entire day. Even with a day starting early and ending late, involving an hour-long video chat, streaming content for about two hours, and continuous background use for music and podcasts, I consistently had at least 30% battery life remaining by bedtime. On the charging side, it offers 33-watt wired charging, and as expected for a budget phone with a plastic build, there is no wireless charging.

Camera Test

Realme 10 Pro Camera

The camera setup of the Realme 10 Pro Coca Cola edition is notable featuring a dual-lens system. Its primary sensor is a 108-megapixel Samsung HM6, stands out in the current market. An interesting touch is the sound effect of a bottle cap being popped when you press the shutter button, adding a unique flair. Utilizing nine-in-one pixel binning on Full Auto mode produces sharp sub-12-megapixel photos in strong light, although some ambient shots may appear slightly soft but remain vivid. In dimmer light, ensuring your subject is steady helps avoid fuzziness, though the low-light performance is respectable for its price range, offering good focus and contrast handling.

As expected for its budget, it’s lacks a telephoto lens but compensates with a 108-megapixel mode for detailed shots in favorable conditions. However, the absence of an ultra-wide-angle lens limits its ability to capture expansive scenes. The only extra lens is a 2-megapixel depth sensor for portrait shots, sans an unnecessary macro feature. Portrait results are satisfactory and include various filters for customization.

Video recording is capped at Full HD resolution instead of 4K. Though visuals may lack pin-sharp clarity on larger screens, stabilization is adequate, audio capture is clear, and distortion in ambient light footage is minimal. The 16-megapixel front selfie camera capable of shooting Full HD videos boasting reliable audio quality and seamless performance for video calls on platforms like Skype or Zoom.

Final Thought

To sum up, the realme 10 Pro particularly in its Silver Coca-Cola Edition stands out as an excellent smartphone choice. Yet, if it’s not your cup of tea, the regular realme 10 Pro offers a stylish alternative without being overly flashy. My time with the realme 10 Pro was enjoyable. It’s well-equipped considering its budget-friendly and despite a few drawbacks its camera technology deserves praise. For those craving even better specs, the Realme 10 Pro Plus is an option, albeit at a higher price point.

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