GameSir X2s Review: Play Mobile Games Like Console

The GameSir X2s is a versatile mobile gaming controller compatible with Android devices and the iPhone 15 Series. It features Hall effect sticks, analog triggers, and mechanical buttons with turbo function, offering precise control for immersive gaming. Its movable wired type-C connection ensures compatibility with various sizes of Android phones, providing flexibility and convenience.

Gamers using the GameSir X2s can enjoy a wide range of titles such as Diablo IV, Minecraft, Devil May Cry 5, ICEY, Dead Cells, Asphalt 9, and Resident Evil Village, which are preconfigured for Android. For iOS users, games like COD Modern Warfare and Genshin Impact are also accessible. Customizable controls via the GameSir App allow seamless gameplay customization for games like PUBG or COD Mobile.

In this review, we explore its design, controls, responsiveness, and overall performance to determine if it’s worth?


  • Model: X2s
  • Compatible Device: Android Phones and iPhone 15 Series
  • Sticks: Hall Effect
  • Triggers: Hall Effect
  • Function: Turbo
  • Design: Rubber Coated
  • Compatible Length: Between 110-168mm /4.3-6.6 inch.
  • Connectivity: Type-C Wired (Moveable)
  • Buttons: Microswitch

Unboxing and Design

GameSir X2s Unboxing

In the box, we get a user manual, warranty card, 4x sticks keycaps, and a GameSir sticker. And then we have the X2s Mobile Gaming Controller itself; that’s all we get in the box. And the box packaging not as we seen in the GameSir Galileo G8, X2s comes in a box and two separate plastic packets for documents and keycaps, or in the controller itself in the plastic packets. which I do not like.

GameSir X2s Mobile Game Controller Design and Build

The design of X2s is inspired by Nintendo 2Ds, which is nostalgic and retro, and I really like tis design. If you connect any compact Android phones, you really feel like playing on the Nintendo Switch.

GameSir X2s back grip and design

The build quality is plastic but it’s good and on the back you have rubbery grip which provides solid grips. And it does caches dust and sweats easily, so you need to clean it after playing for while specially in summer.

It can be expanded up to 168mm in length, and we have only two color options: grey and light blue. Overall, the design and build quality are pretty good at the price of $45.

Controls and Triggers

GameSir X2s Controls and Triggers

As for the controls, on the X2s left side we have a G button, Left stick, D-pad and the capture button which can capture screenshots with just one click. and on the right side we have S button, A/B/X/Y buttons, a LED connection status indicator, and a charging indicator led, then right stick, home button.

Buttons Combinations:

GameSir Xs Button Combinations
GameSir X2s Triggers and Microswitch

As far as the triggers go, it has Hall Effect analog triggers that can provide up to 0.1 mm of accuracy for racing games, and you can toggle between a hair and an analog trigger (LT or RT. The LB and RB microswitch have an esports mechanical feel; these controls also have turbo function support to provide responsive, smooth gameplay.

I tried many games like COD Mobile, Into the Dead, and Asphalt 8, and these controls really provide smooth and good accuracy without any major delays. Overall, the controls buttons and triggers are very good, but you do not have back buttons on them as we saw on the X2 Pro-Xbox.

Gaming with X2s

So the GameSir X2s supports Android phones and the iPhone 15 Series, and on iOS, you can play Genshin Impact, Asphalt 9, Diablo Immortal IV, Minecraft, Dead, COD Modern Warfare, Village Resident Evil, and more. On Android, you can play games like Diablo, Asphalt 9, Minecraft, Devil May Cry 5, ICEY, Dead Cells, and Village Resident Evil. These games come with pre-configured controls, but if you install a game that is not pre-configured, you can launch it directly from the GameSir app to configure the game’s controls and play.

X2s also supports PS Remote Play, Luna, NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW, Stream Link Rainway, and Moonlight games via the cloud to play triple AAA titles on any Android or iOS phone.

Plying Asphalt 8 on GameSir X2s

As far as my experience playing games on X2s goes,  it’s amazing. I play 3 to 4 games on it, and it works well. The first game I tried was Asphalt 9 to test its hall effect accuracy, and I was amazed. The triggers provide exact accuracy, and in Asphalt games, I win like a pro racer.

Then I tried Into the Dead, which is a zombie shooter game. I tested here that the joysticks work responsively and the triggers react exactly when I want to shoot any zombie without any delay, and as this comes pre-configured, the gameplay is good.

Call of Duty on GameSir X2s

But as for non-pre-configured games like Call of Duty Mobile, I download the GameSir App from the Play Store and then launch the game from the app. Then I configure the controls, and they work really well. Yes, I do get a little bit uncomfortable with joysticks when targeting enemies. When I want to target, they move quickly up or down or even let right, but after doing some sensitivity settings, the problem is solved. And another thing is that this game does not come with a configuration, so you do need to use your touch to select matches, loud outs, or other loby things that are not configured.

The overall gaming experience is good; at the price of $45, the hall effect joysticks and triggers provide responsive accuracy and smooth gameplay and also you’re able to play non configured games.

App Support

X2s GameSir App Support

GameSir also has an app, which you can download from the App Store and Google Play Store. In the app, you will find games that it supports, and in the center is a device option. The device options show which controller you have connected to and the installed games you can launch from to play or configure.

Here you can find the firmware upgrade option, the Gamepad test to know exactly which buttons and joysticks work or not for games, and the Key Settings option.

X2s Trigger Customization

In the key setting options, you can customize the controls, button layout, joysticks, and triggers according to your play style. These customizable features make it more user-friendly for mobile controls.


The GameSir X2s is a versatile and affordable option for mobile gamers looking for a console-like experience. With Hall effect sticks, analog triggers, and mechanical buttons with turbo function, it offers precise control across gaming genres. Compatible with Android phones and iPhone 15 Series, and customizable via the GameSir App, it’s flexible and user-friendly. Despite its modest build, its ergonomic design and nostalgic aesthetic enhance gaming pleasure. Priced at $45, the GameSir X2s offers great value, recommended for gamers wanting better control and performance on smartphones.

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