How to Download GTA Trilogy Size, Specs

So the Rockstar Games has made new enhancement in GTA San Andreas, Vice City, GTA III and called them GTA Trilogy, Which is now Officially available on Google Play Store and IOS APP Store. If want to download the game you directly from App and play with Netflix Subscriptions Account.

GTA Trilogy Download on Android and IOS

GTA Trilogy Download Files Size

If you have Netflix monthly or yearly subscription, then first open the Netflix App, and lick on the Games sections and here you can find all three Trilogy games, GTA San Andreas, Vice City, III.

Now click on the game which you want download like San Andreas, When you clicked on You will be redirected to play store and here can click on install, the game is now downloading and Installed. After downloading the game you can connect your Netflix account and play.

But if don’t have Netflix subscription then you can official download by purchasing the game on Play store and Play.

Same method is applying for IOS device you can download from Apple’s App Store.

GTA Trilogy Download File Size

Both Trilogy games has different file size: GTA San Andreas has 732 MB, and GTA Vice City has 590 MB, and the last one GTA III has 476 MB downloadable file size.

When downloaded All three trilogy games then you need download additional internal files, fir GTA San Andreas you need to download 6.4GB internal files, GTA Vice City has 2.6 GB Internal files, and for the GTA III version 0.91 GB internal files you need to download.

If you are IOS User then in APP Store GTA San Andreas downloadable file is 9.1 GB, Vice City has 4.09 GB and the GTA III has 1.76 GB.

After the game download if you have Netflix account with subscription it directly connects with account and you can play with that account.


GTA San Andreas new classic lightning comparison

Recently released these trilogy remastered version has improved various things, like Lightning, Animations, added high resolutions textures. In mobile version we have new feature called classic lightning mode, according to rockstar game when you turn off the classic light you can see the difference that store realism graphics, in above image you can see on with classic lightning turn off and one with turn on.

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