NEW LG 75″ MiniLED TV Review (2022)- Too Big for Gaming?

Hello reader in this article, I’m going to be showing you the LG 75-inch mini LED TV, which is massive. It’s their latest 2022 QNED86 and it combines some awesome movie-watching features like 4K and Dolby Vision IQ alongside.

It includes everything that you need for gaming, including HDMI 2.1 vrr 120 hertz and LG’s Game Optimizer mode Pair this with a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox series X and you’ve got a huge TV that’s bright and ticks most of the boxes on top of that.

It is currently on sale, which I have linked to below. If you want to check it out today, I’ll get this unboxed and set it up. I will go over my first impressions of this TV. Any questions, please drop those below. Otherwise, here’s to another massive TV unboxing to enjoy.

Unboxing and Setup

LG 75 MiniLED TV Unboxing

Just before I open this up, you’ll notice that LG has kept with their new minimal box design. We’ve already seen this across a lot of their products earlier this year, so unlike the previous models where it’s covered with a huge colourful image on one side.

They’ve gone for this plain packaging instead, and here are the box measurements in case you need them. Inside we get a two-part stand, which I will set up in a minute, and a bag full of accessories. This includes the manuals and warranty information, some cable ties, the remote control, and finally some batteries.

Now although this TV can be wall mounted using the VESA holes, I’ll be using the provided stand. This comes in two parts, so attach the feet to the back piece with the four screws and voila. We’re now ready to install it on the back of the TV.

You can either lay the TV flat on a table or, as I’ve done, use the packaging to create a kind of makeshift table. Now just fit the bracket to the back, screw it in, and we’re ready to lift this heavy thing up.

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Connections & HDMI


The available connections It’s good to see that we still have an optical output. There are four HDMI ports now; two of these are HDMI 2.0 and two R8 semi-2.1. So that’s perfect for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X.

This is where you want to make the most of the 4K and 120hz support. Unfortunately, one of these ports is also labelled e-arc, so although that’s great news, it means you’re going to lose one of the 2.1 ports to your soundbar or your AVR. Then there’s a LAN port, a satellite and cable port, and a total of two USB ports The power plug is still attached to the TV.

So feeding it through your wall might be an issue, but if you don’t mind unscrewing the small panel next to it, You can actually unplug it this way, so it’s not ideal, but it is a workaround if you need it.

Design and Stand

NEW LG 75 MiniLED TV Design and Stand

Well, the back of the stand does have this very simple trunk built in. Just hide your cables inside, pop the cover on and it’ll keep them out of sight, and, as mentioned before, if you want to wall mount it, you can use the 400 by 400 vessel holes. Just make sure you have a bracket or an arm that can support the weight.

Now it’s hard to get excited about the design of a TV as, let’s be honest, most TVs kind of look the same, but this actually looks pretty nice. So the frame and the stand have this really dark gray, almost gunmetal look to them, so it’s not quite black or silver like we’ve seen on a lot of other TVs.

The bezel is also very thin on the three sides; only the bottom part, or the chin, is thicker, and this also has the QNED branding on the bottom right corner. As for the stand, I prefer the look of this over the normal Feats that you see.

Yes, it takes up more room and you cannot fit a sound bar in front of it, but it means you don’t have to have a unit underneath that matches the width of the TV.

Gaming in LG 75 MiniLED

LG 75 MiniLED TV Gaming at 75 Inches

So at the start of the article, I mentioned that this is more than just a TV for movies; it’s also one of the most capable TVs out there for gaming. Now you might say, who’s gonna play games on a 75-inch TV or no one’s going to be playing games like Warzone or Call of Duty on here.

Well, I do make sure it’s big and if you’re sitting three feet from it, you’re going to  be snapping your head left and right, but assuming you’re sitting eight to ten feet from it, this will be awesome for games.

You’ve obviously got your story-driven games where you sit back, relax, and just enjoy the whole immersive experience. This alone makes any game feel like a movie It’s like having a cinema in your living room, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I still game on a TV.

NEW LG 75 MiniLED TV Design and Stand

You really can’t beat this experience, but there’s nothing stopping you from using this TV for faster-paced games too, so most weekends I will jump on Warzone with my mates, either sitting at my desk or whatever TV that I’m using at the time, and the fact that this TV has a HDMI 2.1 port with 120 frames per second support and the VRR means it is capable of running any PS5 or Xbox series X game that you throw at it.

And this TV is fast; there is no lag at all, so if you are firing a gun or pulling the trigger, you will get an instant response So a couple of years ago, LG introduced the Game Optimizer mode, and this gives us more control over the picture settings for a game genre or just to see what the frame rate is running at.

So here I can see if VRR is running on a game, which essentially means the game will run at a variable refresh rate instead of a fixed  and it will even show the current frame rate. Of course, if you don’t have a PC or console to hook up to, you can use cloud gaming.

There’s NVidia’s GeForce Now app, and that lets you stream and play the latest PC games straight to the TV. All you need to do is connect a controller to the TV via Bluetooth I’ve not had any experience with cloud gaming, but it’s definitely something I want to try out.

Picture Quality

LG 75 MiniLED TV Picture Quality

I’ve used and tested a lot of different TVs over the last couple of years and switching a new TV on for the first time never gets old, and coming from using a 77-inch OLED every single day, seeing a QNED TV will always give a totally different experience. So QNED is essentially an LED or an LCD TV.

It’s just that it’s the ultimate evolution of what we’ve seen before. It’s supposed to be brighter, have deeper blacks, and better color. Well, out of the box, this TV is bright. It defaults to 100 in the standard picture settings, but the first thing that I did was switch the energy saving mode off, switch over to ISF expert bright, and lower the brightness very very slightly.

During the day, this is where this TV really shines. If you’re watching it in a well lit room, as for the picture quality and the colours themselves, this screen does look really impressive.

It’s a 4K display, but I think the fact that it’s so bright makes the images look clean and vibrant, so any photos, movies, or games that have loads of colour are going to look awesome. As mentioned here, it also comes with Dolby Vision IQ and HDR support, so I tested a few different movies out to see how they would perform, and as you would expect, they obviously look great.

Motion is another thing to mention, so in the settings you can tweak the motion to be off entirely or full-blown soap opera level of smoothness. But generally, it will perform well if you have it off or very very low, of course. For some movies, you could use the filmmaker mode, which turns off motion smoothing as well as a few other features to give a true Original Movie experience. kind of as the director intended it to look.

Black Levels

LG 75 MiniLED TV Black Levels

This is a mini LED TV, so it doesn’t have the infinite black levels of an OLED, you just cannot compete with that, but it does have precision dimming. This means that areas of the screen are controlled to switch on and off to display the image at the same time. It’s providing better contrast and black levels, so watching it at night is where you would normally expect to see issues with the black levels.

But with the right lighting, the black levels look great for an LED TV, but there are definitely times where you’re going to see blooming around white objects or on a black background. For me, this is most noticeable if there are subtitles in a dark movie. The text has a sort of halo around it.

It’s not something that annoys me personally, and it’s sometimes very hard to even spot, but it is something. I wanted to mention that you will notice this more if you watch it in a dark room with no lights on at all, although generally speaking, watching this at night still looks awesome, but the fact that this 2022 model has the Alpha 7 Gen 5 processor means it is able to analyse the content on screen for automatic optimization. Essentially, enhancing the picture.

Viewing Angles

LG 75 MiniLED TV Viewing Angle

Viewing angles are another big thing that I often mention in these articles. I know most people will sit straight on, so it might not be a concern, but if you do need to watch it off centre or your seat isn’t straight on with the TV, You’ll be pleased to know that you can still see what’s on the screen.

You’re going to lose a little bit of contrast As you move off centre, the colours never look washed out. Obviously, the way this TV performs is completely different to an OLED. So if you want to see a mini LED TV versus an Ola TV article or which one I think is actually better, just let me know in the comments.

Pros and Cons

LG 75 MiniLED TV Pros and cons


  • The recent LG TVs have got the latest webOS installed. This gives us a full-page home screen with all the apps in a tile layout. It feels snappy. 
  • There’s definitely no lag here, and we’ve got all of the normal streaming apps. You would expect to see I mainly use Netflix, Disney and Apple TV. 
  • We get the magic one remote again, so waving it around the screen will let you select what you need to without having to press the arrow keys. 
  • The QNED86 LG 75-inch mini LED TV works well for the price.


  • There are loads in the App Store as well. 
  • This TV does come with speakers It’s a 2.1-channel setup, so you’ve got two 10 watt speakers plus a 20 watt woofer for screen. 

Final Thoughts

NEW LG MiniLED TV Review

“Gaming Focus Features” and it’s massive. I’ve said this before if you’re wanting a TV to use in a brightly lit room or during the day. LG’s latest QNED is likely a better choice than the OLED, but saying that, I still think it’s worth doing a comparison of LG’s latest QNED TV against the OLED.

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