Samsung Q70C 120Hz QLED Review – Is it worth it?

If you’re a Samsung fan and you want to get a true native 120Hz panel, you might want to consider the Samsung Q70C QLED TV. Its is extremely thin with the air slim design, and also powered by the quantum processor 4K. So let’s know Is it worth it? or not!

Design and Ports

Samsung Q70C QLED TV Design and Build

The design of the Samsung Q70C QLED, on the back, it features the new Samsung aesthetic, with a Bas that gives the TV the appearance of floating in thin air. From the side view, it’s exceptionally thin, and Samsung offers a special mount to flush it against your wall.

Samsung Q70C QLED TV Ports and Connectivity

The Samsung Q70C QLED TV offers excellent connectivity options, including two USB ports, an Ethernet connection, four HDMI 2.1 ports, an ATSC tuner, a fiber optic output, and built-in Wi-Fi. Additionally, it features Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi Direct, enabling seamless content sharing from your phone even without Wi-Fi. However, it’s important to note that it lacks the ATSC 3.0 TV tuner.

When considering a new TV purchase, It’s vibrant colors and vivid visuals stand out. It accurately reproduces images, and if you’re budget-conscious, the Crystal UHD series could be an alternative. However, I highly recommend opting for a Q60C or a higher model like the Q70C for a significantly brighter and more precise viewing experience.

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Dual Backlight and Movies

If you go with the QLED series in Samsung lineup, you get the dual backlight system. It’s basically two different temperature LEDs, and it will help produce a much accurate color over the Crystal UHD processors that only have the single LED setup.

Watching Movies on samsung Q70C QLED TV

If you’re looking for a TV to watch movies on, I think you’ll be very satisfied with the Samsung Q70C QLED. However from time to time, I did see some backlight glow on this television, depending on which content you play. But it was bright, it was vivid, and the colors are more accurate than I was anticipating.

A lot of people are upgrading to these new 4K televisions, but they don’t think about the source they’re planning through. if you have old technology, you want to look into anything that has 4K on the labels from satellite, cable system, streaming services if you want to get the best picture quality. And speaking of that, See in image what it looks like on sports using YouTube TV application.

Overall, it’s going to be a great TV to use at your sporting events, but it’s not anything that really pops out to me like high niche ratings or even extremely bright scenes. But it does have a really nice neutral color to it, so it would be very pleasing for the eyes.


Gambar and game mode features

And for all you gamers out there, Samsung Q70C QLED does have HGIG, which is a standard for high-definition gaming, and it does support AMD Premium Pro. It has the new gaming bar 3.0 so you can see your variable refresh rate, your autoload latency, and the frames that you’re playing on the game. With the 4 HDMI 2.1 ports located on the back of this TV, it’s going to allow you to play your gaming consoles like your PS5 or your Xbox series X or even a PC up to 120fps, and that’s native so you don’t have any problems with frame rates.

Input Lag and Anti-glare

So if you’re a gamer, I think you’re going to have a lot of fun with a TV like Samsung Q70C QLED, And keep in mind, when it comes to input lag generally most Samsung TVs are between 9.8 to about 10 milliseconds. So that’s about what you’re going to generally expect on this TV as well.

Another thing I want to point out is that this TV does have anti-glare coating on it. So if you plan on putting it in a bright room, it will reflect some of the sunlight or the glare on the television.

Smart Features

Samsung Q70C QLED TV Smart Features

The last few things I want to mention is that Samsung Q70C QLED is powered by Tyen 7.0 operating system. So it has a new interface that has all the tabs on the side, like your search has a built-in gaming Hub, and you have different things that you can do with this TV, such as multi-view where you can put two screens side by side.

If you have a compatible smart device like a Samsung smartphone, you can use the Dex feature in there and use your device like a PC. It does include voice command access like Alexa and the built-in Bixby, but they did take out the Google Assistant on the newer TVs. But if you have to use Google, you can still use the SmartThings application and connect it to your Google Home application.

Remote Control

Samsung Q70C 55-inch QLED TV Remote Control

I wouldn’t say that Samsung Q70C QLED is perfect, A lot of people don’t like the remote control that comes with it because you don’t have direct buttons. Another thing I noticed is when I was doing this Starfield test that I could see the backlights from time to time, but that’s something that you may not experience on a daily basis.

I’ll tell you that Samsung TVs in general have pretty decent motion, and as I was planning my one test, I think everything looked really good. But when I switched over to a cinema test at 24 frames per second, I could see some jutter, which you can go into the settings and adjust.

Final Thought

When Samsung Q70C QLED 55-inch TV at this point, you can get it on sale, which you may or may not want to consider. The reason I say that is that this TV does not have local dimming zones, and if you look at the market, if you want better contrast, there are TVs with mini-LED TV, there are TVs with local dimming zones, and there are also TVs out there that support Dolby Vision that a lot of people like.

Now, with that being said, overall, I will say that the colors on Samsung Q70C QLED are absolutely stunning, except from time to time, you might see that glow that I showed you on the demo, and that was just a scene change when that happened. But if you want to save some money, definitely find one on sale. I would not pay full price for this television, even if I was a Samsung fan.

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