Victrix Pro BFG Review: Best for Wire/Wireless Gamers

The PS5 Victrix Pro BFG, how does it compare to the others? It has adjustable trigger stops, four mappable rear buttons, swappable thumb sticks, and a clever modular design that allows you to change the entire layout of the controller, including the fight pad module. It’s also one of the cheapest pro controllers available when compared to the DualSense, Edge, Scuf, Reflex, and Razer controllers. But does it compare in terms of features, design, and quality? Is it really worth it?


Victrix Pro BFG Review: Unboxing

The first thing to note is that Victrix Pro BFG is an officially licensed controller, it comes with all the PS5 branding you would expect to see. This immediately gives it a proper controller feel.

Inside the box, we have a hardshell carry case with the Victrix logo on top. In the case first we get Victrix Pro controler, a six-button fight pad module for games like Tekken or Street Fighter, a spare set of thumbstick gates, a USB dongle (required for wireless play on the PlayStation 5), two extra d-pad buttons, a spare set of analog sticks with different heights, a mini screwdriver tool, and a 2.9-meter braided USB-C charging cable.

I really like the cable color, and also cable can be used for wired mode if you prefer not to play wirelessly. That’s everything we get inside the box.


Victrix Pro BFG Review: Design

Looking at the design of Victrix Pro BFG controller, it’s not like any other PlayStation 5 controller we’ve seen. In fact, I would say it looks more like an Xbox controller, giving me vibes of the Elite Series 2. And that’s not a bad thing. Even the triangular grips on the front have a Series 2 look to them. I’m also liking the color, victrix pro mostly black with a hint of purple. it looks nice.

As for holding, feels ergonomic, and I can easily reach all the buttons. I was initially concerned it would feel too big, but once I swapped out the thumbsticks from the Xbox layout to the PlayStation layout, it felt perfect. However, victrix pro also very lighter than I expected. In fact, I would even say it’s too light, which gives it a cheap plastic controller feel. The lack of a vibration module, speakers, or microphone built into the controller contributes to its reduced weight. The plastic case has a hard, brittle plastic feel, rather than the premium feel you get with controllers like the Edge or Elite, which have a more weighty feel.

Nonetheless, victrix pro still packs some seriously good features compared to the others.


Victrix Pro BFG Review: Controller

The Victrix logo at the top also lights up once it’s powered on or charging, and it doubles up as a button. Victrix Pro functions similarly to a normal PS5 controller. To the left and right are the usual Share and Menu buttons that you would expect. Below that is a Function button that allows you to program your buttons. Additionally, a tiny LED inside that comes on depending on what you’re doing.

Other standard buttons on the front include the Triangle, Circle, Cross, and Square buttons. Since victrix pro BFG is an officially licensed controller, it’s great to see that we get the actual icons rather than a blanked-out plate. The D-pad comes pre-installed with layout, but it can be swapped out and moved around.

Then there’s the PlayStation button in the middle, which functions as you would expect. However, I couldn’t get to turn on my PlayStation 5 when it was in standby mode. So, I discovered that needed to turn on the console first and then the controller.

Adjustable Triggers

Victrix Pro BFG Review: Adjustable Triggers

Now, like with most Pro controllers, we do have the option to adjust the triggers. This means that depending on the game you’re playing, you can swap between instant or normal trigger responses. The triggers feel nice in terms of their positioning and size, but they do feel quite loose and have that cheap plastic feel. However, they do have five stop positions between normal and instant, or as they call it, their clutch mode.

Each trigger can be independently changed by flicking the button on the rear, and it will switch from normal triggers to instant. This is particularly useful when playing FPS games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends, where you need that fast response when aiming or firing. And they are instant, allowing you to fire as fast as a mouse click, which is crazy. But swapping back to normal mode is a little fiddly. Unlike the Edge controller, where there’s a lever-like button that lets you choose between the different modes, on victrix pro controller, you need to press the rear button in and pull the trigger down. The advantage is that you can manually set the distance of where you want to stop, but it’s not a quick process like the others Controller.

Now, when you jump into games like GT7, for example, where you don’t need or want that instant trigger, you get the full range from the triggers rather than being locked into one mode. And that’s one problem with Scuf controllers because once you’ve chosen the instant trigger during checkout, you’re not able to change this on the controller.

One strange thing I found when I was in clutch mode on the triggers is that they are crazy sensitive. This can be both good and bad. I noticed that if I gently rested my finger against the trigger, it would sometimes fire without me even realizing it. The same happens with aiming down sight, but adjusting it slightly lower than instant worked absolutely fine for me.”

Rear Paddles

Around the back, we don’t just have two, but we get four mappable rear buttons. These aren’t removable like we see on the Edge and Scuf controller: they are permanently attached. However, the positioning feels great, and I would go as far as.

The purpose of these buttons is to allow you to remap any button on the controller to the rear. For example, while playing games like Call of Duty, I’ll always map the X or jump button to the rear paddles. It means that while I’m running around, I don’t need to move my finger from the thumbstick or press X. I can just press one of the rear buttons instead. Mapping them is really easy. All you need to do is press and hold the profile button, which is found on the back of the controller, and then press the rear button that you wish to map. The LED will now start to flash, and you simply press the other button on the controller that you wish to copy. That’s it! You can also disable any button by pressing and holding the profile button first, then double-tapping the button you wish to clear.


Talking about profiles, there are three built-in profiles on Victrix Pro BFG controller, and you can cycle through them by pressing the button on the rear. It will switch from purple to blue and then green. This means you can have different buttons mapped depending on the profile you’re using. For example, you can have one profile for Call of Duty with purple mappings, another profile for GT7 with blue mappings, and a third profile for Spider-Man with green mappings.

Removable Modules

Victrix Pro BFG Review: Removal Paddles

The single feature that sets victrix controller apart from all the others is the modular design. By default, it comes with the asymmetrical thumbstick layout, similar to an Xbox controller. However, with the help of a little screwdriver tool, we can remove the two screws and completely detach the module. We have two options: we can flip it around and reinsert it, giving us the option to use it like a PlayStation controller with symmetrical sticks, or we can remove the module entirely and replace it with the fight pad.

This means that for games where you prefer using a fight pad and a joystick, you have that option. I tested this out with a few games, including Tekken and Street Fighter, and it works really well. You can use it with the d-pad buttons, which is my preferred choice, or you can replace the analog stick with the larger one and use it like an old-school fight pad. The buttons on this module are incredibly responsive, almost like a mouse click rather than a typical button. The ability to swap and rearrange the modules as needed is awesome. Essentially, you have an Xbox, PlayStation, and fight pad controller all in one.

However, it’s important to note that victrix pro BFG controller only works on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. It doesn’t work on the Xbox.

Thumb Sticks

As mentioned, you can swap the thumbsticks around, but you can also change the caps on them. All you need to do is pull the tops, and they will pop off. Then, you can install either of the spare sets instead. So, if you prefer the domed caps instead, you can use one of those. They feel nice, the positioning is great, and the ability to swap them out is a game changer.

Wired / Wireless

Victrix Pro BFG Review: Wired and Wireless Gaming Control

Victrix Pro controller can be used both wirelessly and wired, which is a great feature. Cheaper controllers usually stick to a wired-only mode, so it’s nice to see that this one offers both options. On the back, there’s a physical button that you need to flick between the different modes. If you’re using it in wired mode, simply plug in the USB-C cable into the controller and the other end into the console. You can also use this cable to charge it, and the battery status shows up on the PlayStation 5 menu, removing the guesswork.

If you decide to use it wirelessly, unfortunately, you will need to use the provided USB dongle. This surprised me, as most other controllers, including Scuf, don’t require a dongle. However, Victrix controller uses the 2.4 gigahertz frequency instead of Bluetooth, ensuring a lag-free experience. It’s still a bit of a shame, though.

Victrix Pro BFG vs SCUF and Edge

Victrix Pro VS Scuf

Now, I also own a few Scuf vs DualSense Edge controller, so how do they all compare?

Well, there’s a lot to cover, but in summary, the Scuf controller is better if you specifically want those instant triggers. It also offers four rear mappable buttons, profiles, and works without a dongle. However, they are more expensive, and the build quality is similar to the Victrix controller.

On the other hand, the Edge controller feels much more premium than the others. I also prefer its design and the adjustable triggers. Additionally, you can use on-screen profiles to customize and fine-tune the controller according to your needs. The stick modules can be removed and swapped out as well. However, it only has two rear buttons compared to the four on the Victrix controller. It is also about 20 to 30 pounds more expensive. But with the Edge controller, you get the full package: vibration, adaptive triggers, speaker, and microphone built-in. These are features that the Victrix controller does not come with.

Should you buy?

So with all of that said, is it worth buying the Vitrix Pro controller for the PlayStation 5? Well, I bought this to see how it compared to the others and whether it would replace the ones I already had.

The short answer is that the others are better, but they are also more expensive. Finally, for the money, this controller is good. If you need that modular design and the fight pad layout, it is a no-brainer. You’re getting a lot of controller for the money, but it is let down by the overall feel and quality.

However, if you don’t need the fight pad, I would spend the extra and go for the Edge controller instead. It feels far more premium. If you only need a controller for games like Call of Duty and want those instant triggers, I would go for the Scuff. That’s what I use, and this controller is rapid.

Now, let me know what controller you’re using and if you would pick up any of these Pro controllers. Drop a comment about the PS5 Pro Controller.”

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