Comparing the Best TVs of 2022/2023: A95K vs S95B vs LG G2/C2

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the top TVs of 2022. Although 2023 is just around the corner, we won’t see the new models in stores for another four to five months. This means that the TVs from 2022 will still be the current and best options to buy. Over the past seven months, we’ve seen some great new releases from brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung. People often ask me which is the best TV or my favorite TV from 2022, so in this article, I’ll answer that question by discussing the main features, pros, and cons of each TV. I’ll also recommend the best TVs for movies, gaming, and overall use.

Sony A95K OLED Tv

Sony A95K

One of the most highly anticipated TVs of the year is the Sony a95k, which features a 4K OLED screen with quantum dot technology for excellent picture quality, brightness, and contrast. The a95k supports up to 1000 nits of peak brightness and various HDR formats, including HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. It also has HDMI 2.1 for gaming with features like VRR, 120Hz refresh rate, and LLM. As an OLED TV, it offers deep black levels and wide viewing angles. The Sony a95k is available in two sizes: 65 inches and 55 inches. It comes with a large, heavy tabletop stand that can be positioned in front of or behind the TV.

Samsung S95B TV

Samsung S95B

Another top TV this year is the Samsung s95b, which is one of the first QD OLEDs. One of the standout features of the s95b is its brightness, which maxes out at 1500 nits. This makes a noticeable difference when compared side by side with other TVs. The s95b has vibrant colors, but some viewers may find them to be too intense at times, resulting in unnatural-looking skin tones. The s95b supports HDR10 and HDR10+, but not Dolby Vision. It also has HDMI 2.1 for gaming with VRR, 120Hz refresh rate, and LLM. The s95b is available in 65 inches and 55 inches, but no other sizes at this time.


LG G2/C2

Each year, LG releases a new OLED TV that offers slight improvements over the previous model. These TVs are consistently great and rarely disappoint. The LG C2 is a 4K HDR TV with HDMI 2.1, VRR, and ALM, and it supports Dolby Vision. It also has a game optimizer mode. One new addition this year is the 42-inch size, which is perfect for desk setups. The C2 can also be used as a monitor for both gaming and productivity. However, it lacks USBC or Thunderbolt ports, so you’ll have to use HDMI.

The C2 comes in a wide range of sizes: 48 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches, and 83 inches. The LG G2 model is a slightly upgraded version of the C2 with a picture frame design that’s ideal for wall mounting and a slightly brighter screen. However, if you’re trying to decide between the two, I would recommend the C2 for value. You’ll get almost the same TV as the G2, plus a tabletop stand. If you’re mainly streaming content and want a more attractive TV, the G2 is a good choice.

Sony A95K, Samsung S95B, LG G2/C2 Picture Quality Comparison

Sony A95K vs Samsung S95B vs LG G2 C2 Picture Quality

All of these TVs offer excellent picture quality with bright, clear images, wide viewing angles, and vibrant colors. When it comes to brightness, the Sony a95k and the LG C2 and G2 are similar, with the Sony being slightly brighter. The Samsung s95b, on the other hand, is significantly brighter and makes the other TVs look dim in comparison. If you have a lot of natural light in your room and need a very bright OLED TV, the s95b is a good choice. In terms of color reproduction, the Sony a95k is the best out of the box, with the most accurate and natural-looking colors.

The LG C2 is a close second, although its colors aren’t as deep as the a95k’s due to its traditional OLED screen versus the QD OLED screen on the a95k. The Samsung s95b has bright colors, but they can sometimes appear exaggerated or too orange and red. All of these TVs have glossy OLED screens, so they all have excellent contrast and deep black levels. The Sony a95k handles dark scenes the best, while the LG C2 and Samsung s95b can suffer from “black crush,” where details in dark areas are lost. It’s worth noting that the Sony a95k can have an issue with “gray blacks” if you keep the ambient mode on, so make sure to turn it off.


Sony A95K vs Samsung S95B Movies

All three of the LG G2, C2, and Sony a95k support HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which means that movies and TV shows with these formats will look great on these TVs. Dolby Vision is generally considered to be the better format for Ultra HD content, but the Samsung s95b doesn’t support it. However, the s95b does support HDR10 and HDR10+, which are not supported by the Sony and LG TVs. In general, all of these TVs are excellent choices for movies, whether they’re in SDR or HDR. The perfect black levels, bright highlights, and vibrant colors make everything look great on screen, and the OLED TVs in particular offer deep black levels that are especially impressive in a dark room or at night.

The Samsung s95b is very bright, but in terms of overall picture quality, the Sony a95k stands out to me as the best of the bunch. As with any OLED TV, there may be some motion judder, but all three of these TVs handle it well. I would have no problem recommending any of these TVs for movie watching.


Gaming on Sony A95k or Samsung S95B, and LG G2/C2 TV

When it comes to gaming, all of these OLED TVs offer excellent performance. They all have deep black levels, HDMI 2.1 support, nearly infinite contrast, and excellent motion handling, so you’ll get a similar experience on each of them. However, there are a few differences to consider. In terms of connectivity, the LG and Samsung TVs both have four HDMI 2.1 ports, which is great for connecting multiple consoles and an AVR. The Sony a95k only has two HDMI 2.1 ports, and one of them is reserved for e-ARC, so you’ll only have one left for your console if you want to use a sound bar. The LG and Samsung TVs both have a gaming-focused menu overlay that shows things like the frame rate, VRR status, and other settings, while the Sony a95k doesn’t have any kind of gaming menu at all. One unique feature of the a95k is its auto HDR tone mapping, which automatically optimizes the picture for your games when you plug in your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

In terms of HDR quality, the LG and Sony TVs are similar, with no blooming or raised blacks and great overall image quality. However, the LG can suffer from slight “black crush,” where details in dark areas are slightly lost. The highlights on the LG and Sony TVs are nearly perfect, while the Samsung s95b can sometimes have overexposed or blown-out highlights. As for input lag, all of these TVs are fast, but the Samsung and LG TVs are the closest in terms of speed, while the Sony a95k is slightly slower. Overall, the LG G2 and C2 offer a great package for gaming with their four HDMI ports, gaming menu, low input lag, and excellent image quality. The Samsung s95b is the brightest option for gaming, but the LG and Sony TVs offer better overall picture quality.


All of these OLED TVs have a glossy screen, which means that reflections can be a problem if you have windows or lights in your room. However, the Sony a95k and Samsung s95b do an excellent job of reducing reflections thanks to their very dark screens with a dark tint. When filming during the day, you can barely make out the rest of the room behind the TV. The LG OLED TVs also do a good job of reducing reflections, but in dark scenes during the day, it can be difficult to see what’s on the screen. If you’re planning to place the LG C2 or G2 near or opposite a window, keep in mind that it may act like a giant mirror. Additionally, the highlights on the Samsung s95b may not look as good as those on the LG TVs.

UI and OS

The Sony a95k runs Google TV, which is the best-looking user interface (UI) of the three TVs. It has a large tile layout and is very snappy and user-friendly. The LG TV has a nice tile format as well, with all of the apps able to be rearranged in a horizontal line and trending shows and movies underneath. This is the latest version of webOS, which has been around for the past few years, but it can be a bit boring. The Samsung TV has a clean and user-friendly UI with the latest version of Tizen OS, but it can be slow and prone to crashing. All three TVs offer popular streaming apps like Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.

Remote Controls

Sony A95K, LG G2/C2 Samsung S95B TV Remote

The LG remote has looked very similar for the past few years, with a few minor tweaks. It features the “magic wand” feature that allows you to wave the remote around and select items on screen. It is the most well-balanced remote of the three. The Sony remote now ships with a new metal remote which is the nicest of the three, with a premium feel and good weight. It also includes a slimline version with fewer buttons, although it is missing a source button which allows you to switch between different inputs on your TV. The Samsung remote also ships with two versions: a full-fat version with many buttons and a slimline version with fewer buttons. The slimline version is missing a source button as well.

Design and Build Quality

The LG C2 has an ultra-thin frame on top and virtually borderless bezels, as well as a metal stand on the front. It feels solid and well-made and looks nice. The G2 is slightly thicker overall, but it does not come with a stand and is designed to be wall-mounted. The Sony has a large, heavy tabletop stand that gives it a premium feel. The Samsung has a raised stand that gives it the appearance of a large monitor rather than a TV, and there is room for a sound bar underneath. Some users have reported a slight bend in the middle of the Samsung, but this has not been a major issue for most. Overall, all four TVs have good build quality and unique designs.


LG G2/C2 Sony A95k, Samsung S95B TV Launch and Current Price

The price of these TVs varies widely, with the LG C2 and G2 being the cheapest options and the Sony a95k and Samsung s95b being more expensive. Whether these TVs are worth the price depends on the value you place on the different features each offers. The LG C2 and G2 are the cheapest options, while the Sony a95k and Samsung s95b are more expensive. It’s up to you to decide if the additional features offered by the more expensive TVs are worth the extra cost.

Which is the Best TV?

It looks like you are discussing the features and strengths of four different TVs: the LG C2, LG G2, Sony a95k, and Samsung s95b. You mentioned that the Sony a95k is the best TV for movies, with its Dolby Vision support, high quality picture, and natural colors. The Samsung s95b is the brightest OLED panel, making it good for bright rooms or those with windows. The LG C2 and G2 are the best for gaming, with their gaming menus, HDMI ports, low input lag, and good picture quality. The LG C2 is also the best value for money, being feature-rich and one of the cheapest TVs. You also mentioned that you would like to see a TV in 2023 that combines all of the best features, including a good OS, HDMI 2.1 ports, low input lag, high brightness, and gaming focus features.

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